2020-2021 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Sep 29, 2023  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Bioengineering, BS/MS

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Julie Hasenwinkel, Biomedical & Chemical Engineering Department Chair
329 Link Hall; 315-443-1931; jmhasenw@syr.edu
Pun To Yung, Undergraduate Program Director
361 Link Hall; 315-443-4848; ptung@syr.edu
James H. Henderson, Graduate Program Director
318 Bowne Hall; 315-443-9739; jhhender@syr.edu

Combined Degree Program

Program Description:

The combined BS/MS degree is designed to provide exceptional students at Syracuse University with the opportunity to “work ahead” and complete some of their future graduate-level degree requirements as an undergraduate student.

Students accepted into the 5-year BS/MS program will be able share up to 6 credits of 500-level coursework toward the completion of both degrees. They will also have the opportunity to complete up to 6 credits of graduate (600-level) coursework during their senior year and transfer those credits toward their MS program of study.

This combination of shared and transfer credit will allow the completion of both the Bachelor of Science in Bioengineering and the Masters of Science in Bioengineering in five years.


Students currently enrolled in the Bioengineering BS program are eligible to apply to the 5-year BS/MS program during their junior year (have 3 semesters remaining).

Interested students must submit an internal application packet to the department, as described below, prior to January 15th.

Acceptance into the program is based on academic performance. Notification will be sent to students by February 15th.

Students who are accepted into the 5 year BS/MS program will receive further application instructions at the time of acceptance.

Students who are not accepted into the 5 year BS/MS program may still be offered early admission into the regular Bioengineering MS program, at the discretion of the department.

Internal Application Packet

The application packet must consist of the following:

  • Two (2) faculty recommedations forms (described below);
  • The applicant’s personal statement (described below);
  • CV or resume; and
  • Unofficial transcript.
Faculty Recommendation Form

The packet must include two (2) faculty recommendation forms.

Faculty recommendations must be submitted directly from the faculty member to the department.

Recommendations may not come from current program directors.

Personal Statement

Applicants must include a one page personal statement explaining their interest in the 5 year BS/MS program:

  • 12pt. Times New Roman font; and
  • 1 in. margins on all sides.


Year 1 & 2

Enrollment in required undergraduate coursework

Year 3

Application to program. Continued enrollment in required undergraduate coursework, including at least one shared course.

Year 4

Enrollment in and completion of final required undergraduate coursework, including any remaining shared coursework. Enrollment in up to 6 credits of additional graduate-level coursework (600-level).

Year 5

Enrollment in and completion of graduate-level coursework.

Program Requirements:

Students will complete all coursework requirements of the Bioengineering BS as well as all coursework requirements of the Bioengineering MS.

Up to six credits of 500-level coursework can be shared between the two programs, as described below. Additionally, up to six credits of 600-level graduate coursework may be completed during the student’s senior year and transferred to the MS degree.

Shared Coursework:

Students accepted into the 5-year BS/MS program may count the following courses toward the completion of both the Bioengineering BS and Bioengineering MS degrees:

Additional Technical Elective

Choice of:

Transfer Credit

Students may register for and complete up to 6 credits of graduate level (600-level) coursework during their senior year. These credits may then be transferred toward the completion of the Bioengineering MS.

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