2020-2021 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jun 23, 2024  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Theater Design and Technology, BFA


Maria Marrero, Program Coordinator
820 East Genesee Street


David Bowman, Gretchen Darrow-Crotty, Jacqueline Herter, Alexander Koziara, Holly LaGrow, Maria Marrero, Rebecca Schuetz, Randall Steffen, Rob Andrusko, Sandy Knapp, Mara Tunnicliff, Amanda Moore


The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Design and Technology is conducted within a stimulating environment that combines both classroom and hands-on learning experiences. The 130-credit curriculum stresses building a firm foundation in the arts and the humanities as well as in the applied aspects and crafts of the theater. In the first year theater design and technology majors are an integral part of Drama Department productions as members of backstage crews and as assistants to designers. This interaction between theory and practice is an essential part of developing an educated, creative theater person.

Advanced students design many Department of Drama main-stage productions and work with the professional staff and company of Syracuse Stage. Seniors in the program are eligible for internships with Syracuse Stage.

Students interested in design specialize in one or more areas: set design, costume design, and lighting design. Each area of specialization requires a specific sequence of coursework. Courses in studio art, art and architectural history, and costume history contribute to developing conceptual design skills. The theater design and technology program also offers training in the use of computers as design tools. Facilities include two design studios, a Light Box and a CAD lab in addition to the technical shops shared with Syracuse Stage.

B.F.A. students interested in the technical aspects of theater may specialize in scene construction and painting, lighting, properties, or costumes, in consultation with a faculty advisor.

The B.F.A. program is appropriate for students interested in a career in the fields of entertainment design or technology.

Students wishing to explore a curriculum that combines theater design and technology with a broader liberal arts content may apply for the120-credit B.S. degree in drama, with a technical theater emphasis, provided they have been admitted to and have completed a portion of the B.F.A.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate the ability to apply play and character analysis, research and process in creating a visual interpretation for live performance

2. Demonstrate proficiency in generating materials for visual communication of a theatrical design in industry-standard modes, appropriate to their area of discipline

3. Independently and collaboratively manage tasks to timely completion through a clear and logical design process

4. Demonstrate the ability to publicly present, discuss and articulate the process and context of designs for production

5. Demonstrate proficiency in the use of tools and technology for realization of designs, appropriate to their area of discipline

6. Demonstrate the ability to participate in collaborative artistic endeavors to a professional standard

Program Requirements

Design/Tech Requirements 55 credits


Each area of specialization (sets, costume, lights) requires a specific sequence of design courses and practicums. Please consult with the program coordinator for further information.

Theatre Laboratory: 0 credits

Drama Electives: 12 credits

Drama electives (also known as drama support) are courses that are not required specifically for the student’s program of study, but which are meant to enhance their understanding of their major field or their overall undergraduate experience.

Studio Electives 6 credits

3 credits must be in drawing.

Academic Electives: 18 credits

Academic electives are courses that involve critical thinking and theoretical understanding as opposed to practical application, mostly in the Liberal Arts. These academic courses usually have non-art-related content, such as math, natural sciences, astronomy, global history, political science, psychology, entrepreneurship, and languages, among others. You can find a comprehensive list of approved academic electives here.

Art History Electives: 6 credits


Students may only have a combined total of 12 credits from Independent Study or Experience Credit

Total Credits Required: 130

Degree Awarded: BFA in Theater Design and Technology