2017-2018 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Aug 12, 2022  
2017-2018 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

History, MA

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Understand historiographical theory and method

2. Master requisite foreign language(s) for proposed field of study

3. Design and execute historical research (this may include theoretical models from other social sciences)

4. Ability to identify, gain access to, and utilize historical archives and databases

5. Design, write a proposal for, and conduct research leading to production of a manuscript, worthy of presentation to a peer audience and submission for publication

6. Communicate ideas and arguments in clear, concise, well-organized papers

Program Requirements

The department offers the Master of Arts degree to students who have pursued successfully one of the following programs of study. M.A. students may apply for admission to the Ph.D. program after passing the exam or thesis.

  1. The student must complete 30 credits of coursework including three seminars. No more than nine credits may be taken outside the department. A 3.0 (B) average is required in all courses. Transfer of credit is subject to Graduate School regulations. Students must complete a language requirement. All students must pass a comprehensive oral examination in one field of history. The student may not enroll for more than 30 credits of coursework prior to taking the examination.
  2. The student completes 24 credits of coursework, a language qualification, and either an oral examination, or a passing thesis, that carries 6 thesis credits. The thesis must be read and approved by the advisor and two other faculty members with whom the student has taken courses.