2016-2017 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Dec 08, 2023  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Environment and Society Minor

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Jane Read, Coordinator
Department of Geography
123 Eggers Hall

The Environment and Society (E&S) minor examines the social dimensions of environmental issues and sustainability. Through a range of interdisciplinary course offerings, it seeks to foster environmental literacy and citizenship among students. Those completing the minor will gain a deep understanding of the political, cultural, and economic factors that affect our use of the environment. Courses in the minor draw primarily from the social sciences and humanities and ask a variety of questions. Who determines how the environment is used? How has the way we value nature and wildlife changed over time? How do social divisions influence who is affected by climate change, pollution, or natural disasters? How can we create a more sustainable society?

The Environment and Society minor is an excellent accompaniment to majors in other fields. For those interested in the natural sciences, the minor offers perspectives on the social dimensions of nature less emphasized in science courses. For those interested in public policy and economics, it allows students to delve more deeply into environmental matters. For those interested in business, finance, or management, the minor offers an opportunity to learn more about the relationships between environment, economy, and society. Finally, for those seeking a future in the media, it enables students to learn more about the environmental issues they will report on during their career. In short, the E&S minor is a program for those who care about nature and want to find solutions to environmental problems. It is also a way for students to document their knowledge and expertise in environmental issues for the growing number of ‘green’ jobs and industries.

Minor Requirements

The program leading to a minor in Environment and Society requires the completion of six courses (18 credits), two of which are mandatory and four of which are electives. Of the four elective courses for the minor, two must be in departments outside Geography. Students should work closely with their major advisor and the E&S minor coordinator to ensure they are meeting the necessary requirements for both programs.

Minors must take FOUR of the following courses

Minors must take FOUR of the following courses, at least two of which must be from departments outside Geography. Please note that many courses offered through SU Abroad may also count toward the minor and that this list is subject to change as new relevant courses are created:

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