2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Policy Studies, BA/Public Administration, MPA

This program is designed to allow students to earn an MPA with one additional year of study beyond their bachelor’s degree.  Students who arrive at Syracuse with sufficient AP credit may be able to complete both their bachelor’s degree and the MPA within four years of study. 


Peter Wilcoxen
Undergrad Director, Policy Studies
225 Eggers Hall * 315-443-2348 * wilcoxen@syr.edu

Stephanie Worden, Associate Director, Admission and Financial Aid, Department of Public Administration and International Affairs
215 Eggers Hall * 315-443-4000 * ssworden@syr.edu

General Inquiries: paia@syr.edu
General Inquiries - Policy Studies: policystudies@syr.edu

Faculty: Robert Bifulco, Stuart Brown, William D. Coplin, Renée de Nevers, Todd Dickey, Catherine M. Gerard, Jay Golden, Sarah Hamersma, Colleen Heflin, Catherine Herrold, Johannes Himmelreich, Yilin Hou, Zachary Huitink, Lionel C. Johnson, W. Henry Lambright, Jun Li, Leonard Lopoo, John G. McPeak, Robert Murrett, Tina Nabatchi, Sean C. O’Keefe, Kristen Patel, David C. Popp, Michah Rothbart, Sabina Schnell, Ying Shi, Saba Siddiki, Michiko Ueda-Ballmer, David Van Slyke, Emily Wiemers, Peter J. Wilcoxen, Michael J. Williams

Application process

Applications to enter the MPA portion of the combined degree program will normally be submitted during the spring semester of the junior year and are allowed once a student has declared their major and completed 75 credit hours toward the bachelor’s degree.   

Interested students are encouraged to meet with the admissions director of the MPA program before applying.  The application package typically requires two letters of recommendation from Syracuse University faculty members, including at least one from a faculty member in the department of the student’s declared major, the student’s resume, a Statement of Purpose, and the student’s transcript. GRE and the TOEFL scores will be waived for Syracuse University students.

Student applications that show evidence of sufficient preparation in writing skills and quantitative analysis will have a greater chance of being admitted to the program.  The preferred way to demonstrate this competence is by completing a “writing intensive” course and a course that requires quantitative analysis with a grade of B or better prior to applying.  Examples of such courses include, but are not limited to MAX 123, MAX 132, and MAX 201.

Students accepted for graduate study as part of the combined BA/BS‐MPA program will typically begin the MPA portion of the program following completion of their third year of study (six semesters) but are not fully matriculated as graduate students until all requirements for the BA/BS degree have been met. The student would normally be certified for the bachelor’s degree at the end of the fourth year and for the master’s degree at the end of the fifth year, although other timetables are possible.

Policy Studies, BA

Students will complete the requirements for the BA in Policy Studies.

Public Administration, MPA

Students will complete the requirements for the Master of Public Administration.