2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jun 16, 2024  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Magazine, News and Digital Journalism, BS


Aileen Gallagher, Chair
Magazine, News and Digital Journalism Department
318 Newhouse 3, 315-443-2153


Lauren Bavis, Harriet Brown, Joshua Darr, Aileen Gallagher, Seth Gitner, Jon Glass, Eric Grode, Jen Grygiel, Roy Gutterman, Nausheen Husain, Rawiya Kameir, Joel Kaplan, Edecio Martinez, Greg Munno, Dan Pacheco, Adam Peruta, Alex Richards, Corey Takahashi, Jodi Upton

Students in the magazine, news and digital journalism program learn to meet the challenges of a complex and evolving industry. In small classes taught by industry professionals, students develop their ability to create content for a variety of audiences and platforms. The program’s emphasis remains core skills such as editing, interviewing, reporting, and writing. Students also gain experience with design, data, multimedia, and social media, and produce content for The NewsHouse, the Newhouse School’s multimedia news magazine, campus publications, and local media outlets. Curriculum also includes diversity issues, law, and ethics.

Student Learning Outcomes Magazine, News and Digital Journalism

In addition to the comprehensive Newhouse School learning outcomes listed in the School’s Educational Mission , students in the Magazine, News and Digital Journalism major are expected to achieve the following additional learning outcome:

  • Integrate journalism skills to report, research, write, and produce a range of content types for a variety of platforms and audiences

Major Requirements

Students are required to complete 42 Newhouse credits in the Magazine, News and Digital Journalism major. The major requirements are outlined below.

Track Requirement

Students will choose to complete one of three tracks: Magazine, News or Digital.

Magazine (9 credits)

Newhouse Electives (3 credits)

Any other JNL or MND course at 300-level or above.


News (9 credits)

Newhouse Electives (3 credits)

Any other JNL or MND course at 300-level or above.


Digital (9 credits)

Newhouse Elective List (3 credits)

Any other JNL or MND course at 300-level or above.

Grammar Competency Requirement

Students must complete a grammar competency as part of their degree requirements. There are two ways students can satisfy this competency:

  • First, by passing a grammar competency exam during their first semester on campus. The exam will be given twice - once before the end of the first week of classes and a second time prior to registration the next semester.  A passing grade on the exam will fulfill the competency requirement.
  • Secondly, by passing COM 101, a 0-credit grammar course which will be mandatory for students who fail the grammar competency exam.  This course can be repeated until a passing grade is earned and the competency is met.

 Students must meet the grammar competency to receive a degree.

Global Experience Requirement

The Global Experience requirement may be fulfilled by studying abroad or taking an approved class. A list of courses that fulfill this requirement can be found in the Newhouse Guide Book. If a student chooses to take a Newhouse class to fulfill this requirement, the additional Newhouse hours will be added to the 122 credits needed for graduation if the student has reached the Newhouse credit maximum.

Total: 42 Newhouse credits required