2021-2022 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 24, 2024  
2021-2022 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Illustration, BFA


Marty Blake, Program Coordinator
Shaffer Art Building, 315-443-3700


Martha Blake, Robert Dacey, Ginny Hsu, Frank Cammuso, Steven Ellis, Allison Sklaney, Tara Hogan, Phil McAndrew, Joseph Murphy, Taro Takizawa

Program Description

Using visual symbols and imagination, illustrators stimulate curiosity and interest, tell stories, illuminate, and motivate. Therefore, students in the illustration program must be able to draw and to communicate exceptionally well with visual images.

The curriculum, which leads to a B.F.A. degree, is centered on a series of studio courses covering figure drawing, drawing for reproduction, illustration concepts, and the history and development of illustration. At the same time, students embark on individual research projects in specialized areas of illustration. The program balances imagination and individual expression with the continuous development of skills in drawing, painting, digital media, and design as they apply to the communication arts. The program in illustration requires 122 credits.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate fundamental skill in traditional and digital media

2. Establish a distinct and unique personal style

3. Display professional level competency in the timely conceptual planning and final execution of their illustrations

4. Create illustrations with specifically articulated professional goals: towards the entertainment industry, editorial publications, in sequential work and / or graphic work

5. Build a professional presence on a multitude of platforms: online, in a physical portfolio and through self-promotional campaigns

6. Apply historical and current perspectives in contextualizing practice

Program Requirements

Art History Requirements: 12 credits

Liberal Arts & Sciences (12 credits/Academic Electives (11 credits)*

Academic electives are most courses offered outside of art, design, or transmedia (for example, courses offered in CRS, Arts and Sciences, Whitman, and other colleges outside of VPA). These academic courses usually have non-art-related content, such as math, natural sciences, astronomy, global history, political science, psychology, entrepreneurship, and languages among others. You can find a comprehensive list of approved academic electives here.

*The required 23 credits should consist of Liberal Arts & Sciences Electives (12 credits) and Academic Electives (11 credits).

Studio Electives: 18 credits

Studio electives are courses usually offered in VPA through art, design, or transmedia.  The content of the courses directly relates to the preparation of students for professional careers in art, design, and transmedia. The course content includes, but is not limited to, conceptualization, process, product, and critique of creative work in studio practice. These courses meet for a much longer time, for a minimum of four hours per week for the duration of the semester. Usual meeting patterns are: the class meets once per week for four+ hours, or the class meets twice per week, usually for two or more hours each. You can find a comprehensive list of courses that count as studio electives here.

Total Credits Required: 122

Degree Awarded: BFA in Illustration