Jun 20, 2018  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Supply Chain Management, BS

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Office of Undergraduate Programs, 215 Whitman School of Management, 315-443-2361.


Karca Aral, Frederick Easton, Burak Kazaz, Gary LaPoint, Julie Niederhoff, Patrick Penfield, Frances Gaither Tucker, Zhengping Wu

A new kind of enterprise is emerging-the supply chain. A supply chain is a pipeline of information and materials, frequently global in scope. It includes not only the organization but also the suppliers, buyers, and others with whom it interacts.

Supply chain management requires a distinctive view of business: procurement, manufacturing, and distribution must be viewed and controlled as a seamless flow. Good supply chain managers eliminate delays and reduce the amount of resources tied up all along the chain. To perform effectively, a company must learn to function as a single organism, and people at every level must look beyond the old rules.

An understanding of supply chain management is an asset to any manager, and there is a strong demand for specialists who can comprehend and manage the entire chain. Building on long-established strengths, the undergraduate major offers a solid grounding in this fast-evolving specialty.

Students have the opportunity to take APICS certification exams. Furthermore, by enrolling in a set group of courses, students will be eligible for the AST&L blanket waiver for certification.

Major Requirements

In addition to the SCM 265  core requirement, students majoring in supply chain management majors take SCM 401  and SCM 402 . Students take two other major electives. The major courses depend on career objectives and should be selected with the assistance of a major advisor. Two management electives are also chosen in consultation with a departmental advisor. (Credit hours in parentheses.)

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