2021-2022 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Jun 12, 2024  
2021-2022 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Media & Education, CAS (Not admitting students)

Contact information for the CAS programs

Jeffrey Mangram Co-director, M&E; Program Coordinator, Social Studies Education, jamangra@syr.edu, 315-443-3343

Michael Schoonmaker, Co-director, M&E; Chair, TRF, msschoon@syr.edu.315-443-2150

NOTE: Program is no longer accepting applications. 


This program brings together the fields of media and education, and is offered jointly by the School of Education and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. Using broad definitions, we see media as an umbrella term for a range of forms that communicate to a public and we define education as occurring in both formal settings like schools and informal arenas like popular culture. This program addresses media production and analysis in relation to visual storytelling, combining an analysis of core issues in education with visual storytelling creation and production skills. The program also speaks to the cultural terrain of how people both make and make sense of media.

Student Learning Outcomes for the CAS in Media and Education

Students in the Media and Education certificate program are expected to achieve the following educational goals:

1. Analyze the role of popular culture and media as a tool for educational and social purposes;

2. Explain and critically assess the legal, cultural, institutional and ethical dimensions of education and media;

3. Demonstrate skill in media storytelling applied to the goals of education;

4. Integrate media in their specific educational context.

Certificate Requirements

The CAS program is designed for educators who want to learn more about public media-video, film, television, radio, music recording and incarnations of these forms on the web-both how to make media in order to tell stories (or to help their students tell stories) and how to analyze them to incorporate into their pedagogy. Students in the program will learn to increase their visual storytelling skills in order to make films about or help students document their lives and the issues they care about. Because assumptions about education, identity and difference are always visible in the documentary process, the program will also work with students on the assumptions they bring to filmmaking.


The CAS program follows Syracuse University’s general guidelines for admission to graduate study. That is, applicants must present respectable evidence of excellence with depth and dimension in their records. The review committee expects to admit students with an exemplary transcript, extraordinary letters of recommendation, a personal statement that reflects potential growth, and a demonstrated experience in education and/or media studies.

Certificate Awarded:

Certificate of Advanced Study in Media & Education

Total Credits: 15

Transfer Credit:

Transfer credit will be considered on a case-by-case basis, up to a maximum of 3 credits.

Part-time Study:

This program requires part-time study. Three weeks of the program take place on campus, with course assignments for the on-campus courses, and the required project completed by the students at home. Their project work will consist of applications of concepts from studies in the program to educational objectives in learning environments they work in, i.e. making an educational video, integrating media into classroom pedagogy and documenting it, or documenting an educational problem through visual media in conjunction with students.

Satisfactory Progress:

3.0 (B or better) average in all courses.