2020-2021 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Apr 16, 2021  
2020-2021 Graduate Course Catalog

Postconflict Reconstruction, CAS

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Director, William C. Banks, Suite 300, College of Law, 315-443-2284

Questions about the Program can be directed to Keli Perrin (kaperrin@law.syr.edu) or by calling INSCT at 315-443.2284.


The Certificate of Advanced Study in Postconflict Reconstruction (PCR) provides students a documented concentration and familiarization with the major aspects of PCR, the various dimensions and goals of postconflict work, the types of actors that conduct it, the trade-offs and dilemmas they face, and the lessons learned from its application across various settings. This CAS offers the analytical tools to help students be successful in public service careers in the fields of PCR and international development.

12 credits of PCR-related coursework give students provide:

  • Analytical techniques that are tailored for work in international development communities.
  • A better understanding of how the US and the international community can effectively participate in rebuilding shattered societies.
  • New ways of thinking about the nature of conflict, cooperation, and national security.

Graduate and law CAS candidates complete 12 credits (three courses and one capstone project or internship) through a sequence of specialized, interdisciplinary coursework and coordinated professional development experiences at SU’s Maxwell School, College of Law, Whitman School, and Newhouse School.

Areas of Specialization:

  • Building Institutional Capacity
  • Building the Rule of Law
  • Providing Humanitarian Relief
  • Assuring Security and Demilitarizing Politics
  • Promoting Reconciliation and Peacebuilding
  • Building Civil Society
  • Revitalizing Postconflict Economies

Questions about the Program can be directed to Keli Perrin (kaperrin@law.syr.edu) or by calling INSCT at 315.443.2284.

Certificate Requirements

1) Required Core Course (Mandatory/three credits):

2) Secondary Core Course (Choose one/three credits):

  • Civil Wars & State-Building (PAI 730 )
  • Economics of Development (ECN 651/PAI 757 
  • Fundamentals of Conflict Studies (PAI 601 /SOC601)
  • Humanitarian Action: Challenges, Responses, Results (PAI 765 )
  • Multilateral Peacekeeping (ANT/PAI 701 )

4) PCR Capstone Project/Internship:

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