2014-2015 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 14, 2024  
2014-2015 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Architecture First-Professional, MArch

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Speranza Migliore, Coordinator of Graduate Admissions
225 Slocum Hall
ph. (315) 443-1041
Chair Jean-François Bédard, 225 Slocum Hall


Bruce Abbey, Sarosh Anklesaria, Jean-François Bédard, Larry Bowne, Lori Brown, Theodore Brown, Julia Czerniak, Lawrence Davis, Terrance Goode, Susan Henderson, Elizabeth Kamell, Randall Korman, Mark Linder, Brian Lonsway, Ryan Ludwig, Sinéad Mac Namara, Arthur McDonald, Anne Munly, Richard Rosa, Francisco Sanin, Yutaka Sho, Edward Sichta, Timothy Stenson, Robert Svetz

Program Description

The Syracuse Architecture M. Arch. I is a fully accredited professional degree that aims to produce architects who not only provide leadership and vision in the construction of the physical environment, but collaboratively draw upon and organize diverse professions and multiple technologies to expand the field of architectural design. Research is an integral part of the course of study, from the first year of courses in design, theory, history, representation, and technology, to the final semester’s thesis project.

Because the architect’s role in society is complex and changing, students approach the study of architecture as a transdisciplinary enterprise. The program places equal importance on the acquisition of professional skills, knowledge, and expertise, as on the necessity for versatility and innovation in the application of design.

Toward that end, the graduate program has developed the “discursive studio.” Each of the first four semesters of design is team-taught by faculty members with differing expertise and approaches, who conduct the studio as a site of debate, exchange, and possibility. Students actively contribute to the conversations and criticism through their design work. This work is informed by seminars, collaborations, and technical and speculative exercises. Studio work is also coordinated with other core courses in theory, history, representation, and technology so that design is pursued as inseparable from other aspects of the discipline as well as the complexities of the broader culture.

Completion of the degree requires seven semesters, each of which includes a 6-credit design studio. The fifth semester offers students the option of studying off campus in one of our studio-based Architecture programs in Florence, London or NYC. The focus of the sixth semester in Syracuse is the visiting critic studio. The program culminates in a thesis project defined and developed by the student working with a faculty advisor.

Degree Awarded

This is a 110 credit program leading to a Masters of Architecture I (M. Arch. I) degree.

Prerequisites for Admission into the M. Arch. I Program

The program is open to students with an undergraduate degree in a field other than architecture, or with a non-professional degree in architecture or environmental studies. For those students with no architecture background, the program will require seven semesters of study to complete. The program seeks students with a wide range of experiences; applicants with some background in the arts or design are preferred. Graduates of non-professional architecture and environmental studies degree programs may be awarded as many as 33 credits (approximately one year) of advanced standing in the program (see Advanced Standing section). The completed application form must be accompanied by an official copy of prior academic transcripts, three letters of recommendation, a portfolio of academic and professional work, and a brief statement of interests and objectives. GRE scores are required. TOEFL scores are required for all applicants whose native language is not English.

Major Requirements

Other Electives

Open to all students in good academic standing.

Additional Information

An additional 6 open elective credits are required.

Study Abroad

Students enrolled in the M. Arch. I program are eligible for off campus study in our studio based programs in NYC, Florence and London after completing 2nd year design studio. All students wishing to study in our global campus programs must have a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA and be in good judicial standing.

We also offer multiple non-studio based short term study programs through SU Abroad each year. Eligibility for non-studio based programs varies and is determined by the faculty member coordinating the program.

Advanced Standing

M. Arch. I applicants who have completed or are about to complete an undergraduate degree in a non-professional program in architecture or environmental studies may apply for advanced standing in design. Advanced standing is determined after a complete review of the applicant’s portfolio by representatives of the faculty who teach in the areas of design, history, technology, structures, and representation. Students who are accepted with advanced standing will receive credit for the first two design studios (ARC 604  and ARC 605 ).

They may also receive credit for demonstrated competence in the content/design areas represented by required (not optional or professional elective courses) courses in the M. Arch. I curriculum that duplicate courses taken while fulfilling their undergraduate degree requirements at accredited institutions if a grade of “B” or better was earned. Students can determine if their previous academic courses duplicate required courses offered in the School of Architecture by reading the course descriptions in the SU catalog or on the School’s web site.

A total of 6 credits earned at another graduate school or from coursework completed as an undergraduate in excess of the total required for the bachelor’s degree, provided that the work is graduate level and has been completed with a grade of “B” or better, may be transferred. Total advanced standing credit may not exceed 33 credits. A maximum of 30% of credits counted toward a master’s degree at Syracuse University may be accepted from another institution.

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