2014-2015 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Oct 02, 2023  
2014-2015 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication and Rhetorical Studies, MS/MA

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Charles Morris, cemorris@syr.edu

100 Sims Hall


Richard W. Buttny, Anne Demo, Cynthia Gordon, Lynn Greenky, Diane Grimes, Kenneth M. Johnson, Amos Kiewe, Amardo Rodriguez, Bradford Vivian

The M.A./M.S. in communication and rhetorical studies requires 33 credits beyond the B.S. or B.A. degree; 24 must be taken in the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies, and up to 9 may be taken in areas outside the department. Students qualified to do so are encouraged to take courses outside the major area. All programs include a common core: CRS 601  and CRS 603 . No more than 6 credits may be earned in selected readings, experience credit, and independent study courses. At least 9 credits must be 600-level or above. Candidates may choose to write a thesis for 6 credits or take the entire 33 credits in coursework and a comprehensive examination on this work. Successfully completed theses will be archived in the library for patrons’ use.

The Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies offers the student a general background in theory, research methods, and context areas that include the following such areas as language and social interaction and rhetorical theory and criticism. Programs serve students with a variety of intellectual interests and career objectives.

The department embraces diversity as a core component in its curricular offerings. People always communicate within particular contexts, creating unique and complex relationships between speakers, messages, audiences, and occasions. Responding to this, the department has ensured that most courses address the concept of diversity and develop students’ cultural awareness and abilities to adapt and respond to the demands of the communication situations they encounter and create. The following courses are explicit in their treatment of diversity issues:


The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is recommended for admission into the Department of Communication and Rhetorical Studies. Admission into the program as well as graduate assistantship and scholarship awards are determined by the Department Chair and Graduate Coordinator.

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