2019-2020 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Sep 24, 2023  
2019-2020 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Illustration, MFA

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James Ransome, Program Coordinator
347 Shaffer Art Building, 315-443-1138, jransome@syr.edu


James Ransome, Robert Dacey, Martha Blake, Ginnie Hsu, Taro Takizawa, Jialun Deng


This program is well suited for individuals who wish to further their professional illustration skills. The candidates will produce a body of work as a thesis requirement and participate in the M.F.A. exhibition. Candidates develop their personal visual voice in contemporary illustration, through traditional and digital art media as well as engage in creative problem solving processes to communicate ideas and stories. The resident illustration program faculty members are all nationally recognized illustrators. They are supplemented by prominent visiting faculty, participation in national events and lecturers. Students may complete the award of Master of Fine Arts in Illustration on a 3-year program. They may take advantage of special elective travel courses during the Maymester and summer program to gain credits; students should be aware that they may not receive a stipend/aid for these classes.  Some additional costs for travel within some elective classes may be required.

Accreditation: NASAD

Admission: BFA in Illustration or related art subject

Student Learning Outcomes

1.   Compose and construct images that communicate visual and conceptual ideas, through the development of a distinct and unique personal style.

2.   Develop craftsmanship and competency with tools and materials, in both traditional and digital media.

3.   Understand the illustration markets, current and future trends, assess client needs and position their practice towards specifically articulated professional goals.

4.   Articulate individual practice within a theoretical, historical and contextual understanding; to analyze, reflect and critique. 

5.   Demonstrate innovation and entrepreneurship as ethically-aware art professionals.

Program Requirements

Studio electives: 12 credits

Any studio elective, 500-level or above.  The School of Art regularly offers numerous studio electives, under the ARI or ILL prefixes, every year, including summer courses.  Two recommended courses include the Illustration Summer Graduate Intensive and the L.A. Illustration Studio.

Art history or related academics: 9 credits

Any art history or related academics, such as classes in HOA, AIC, or CRS, 500-level or above.

Total Credits Required: 60

Length of residency: 3 years

Degree Awarded: MFA in Illustration

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