2019-2020 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 20, 2024  
2019-2020 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Inclusive Special Education: Severe/Multiple Disabilities, MS

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Gail Ensher, 150 Huntington Hall, 315-443-9650, glensher@syr.edu

Program Features:

  • This 31-credit program is designed for master’s degree candidates who already have met requirements for one of the New York State(NYS) Initial Certificates for teaching students with disabilities, and seek to enhance their professional credentials by satisfying requirements for a NYS Annotation in Severe Disabilities as they earn their graduate degrees;
  • Special emphases on working in inclusive classrooms, serving diverse student populations, using technology (including assistive technology), and achieving full professional practice as a teacher, researcher, and builder of practical theory;
  • Flexible time options that allow full-time students to earn their degrees in 12-14 months and part-time students to proceed at a pace that satisfies their individual needs, with late afternoon classes.

New York State Teacher Certification Information

Students who successfully complete this program qualify for an Annotation in Severe and Multiple Disabilities and may also use this master’s degree as a credential to meet academic requirements for professional certificate(s) for their previously earned Students with Disabilities certificate and any other teaching certificates. Students apply for the Annotation in Severe and Multiple Disabilities through the NYS Approved Program pathway to certification, i.e., with Syracuse University’s verification of completion of this approved program. Applications for other New York State professional certificates are made by the student directly to the NYS Education Department through the Certificate Progression Pathway. Some teaching experience is required before the professional certificate is awarded. No additional NYS teacher examinations are required for the Annotation in Severe and Multiple Disabilities.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Acquire knowledge of each student, and demonstrate knowledge of student development and learning to promote achievement for all students

2. Know the content they are responsible for teaching, and plan instruction that ensures growth and achievement for all students

3. Implement instruction that engages and challenges all students to meet or exceed the learning standards

4. Work with all students to create a dynamic learning environment that supports achievement and growth

5. Use multiple measures to assess and document student growth, evaluate instructional effectiveness, and modify instruction

6. Demonstrate professional responsibility and engage relevant stakeholders to maximize student growth, development, and learning

7. Set informed goals and strive for continuous professional growth

Program Requirements:

Capstone Project Requirement

The Capstone Project requires a review of research and analysis relating to research on a mutually agreed upon topic (by student and advisor). To complete the Capstone Project, students must register for SPE 690 - Independent Study  (3 credits).  The study must address at least one of three major proficiency areas in working with students with severe-to-profound disabilities: content knowledge, inclusive and culturally responsive pedagogy; or assessment of student learning. The research paper and supporting data collected during the course of a semester are presented as an in fulfillment of final program requirements.


Elective Courses (Two Required) by Advisement (6 credits))

Total Credits Required: 31

Safe and Healthy Learning Environments Requirement

To be eligible for this New York State teacher certification, students in this program must complete or must have completed training in Child Abuse Prevention, Child Abduction Prevention, Violence Prevention, Fire and Arson Prevention, Prevention of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Abuse, Highway Safety, Dignity for all Students (DASA).  One or more of these requirements, if needed, can be completed through a non-credit courses, Safe and Healthy Learning Environments.  Students who have only the DASA requirement to meet will have opportunity to complete this requirement separately. 

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