2019-2020 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Sep 29, 2023  
2019-2020 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Mathematics, BA/Applied Statistics, MS

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Uday Banerjee
215 Carnegie Building

Major Advisors:

S.P. Diaz, L. Kovalev, A. Vogel, S. Wehrli, D. Zacharia


Uday Banerjee, Pinyuen Chen, Dan Coman, J. Theodore Cox, Steven Diaz, Nicole M.L. Fonger. Jack E. Graver, Duane Graysay, Philip S. Griffin, Tadeusz Iwaniec, Lee Kennard, Hyune-Ju Kim, Mark Kleiner, Leonid Kovalev, Loredana Lanzani, Graham J. Leuschke, Wei Li, Jianxuan Liu, Adam Lutoborski, Joanna O. Masingila, Terry R. McConnell, Claudia Miller, Jani Onninen, Evgeny Poletsky, Declan Quinn, Minghoa Rostami, Lixin Shen, John Ucci, Gregory Verchota, Andrew Vogel, William Volterman, Stephan Wehrli, William Wylie, Yuan Yuan, Dan Zacharia

The 5-year program combines two existing programs - the Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and the MS degree in Applied Statistics.

Admission Requirements

Students considering this program are strongly encouraged to speak to a major advisor in Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics as soon as possible. If possible immediately upon entering Syracuse University. Completing the program in 5 years requires careful planning.

To be eligible for admission to the program students must: 1. Be admitted to the major Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics according to the normal procedure for that major and 2. Successfully complete MAT 521 Introduction to Probability. After that the student must apply to the Director of the Applied Statistics program. The decision on whether to admit the student will be based mainly on how the well student has performed in the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics thus far.

Program Requirements

Students in this program will in 5 years complete all the requirements for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mathematics found here: Mathematics, BA, as well as all of the requirements for a Master of Science Degree in Applied Statistics found here: Applied Statistics, MS . Students will receive both degrees, receiving the Bachelor’s after four years and the Master’s after the fifth year. For details, see each program.

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