2018-2019 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2019  
2018-2019 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Language Teaching: TESOL/TLOTE, CAS

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Amanda Brown


323C H. B. Crouse



Tej K. Bhatia, Amanda Brown, Chris Green, Gerald R. Greenberg, Rania Habib, Jaklin Kornfilt, Emma Ticio

The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Language Teaching: TESOL/TLOTE is a 12-credit graduate-level program focusing on the teaching of English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) and the teaching of languages other than English (TLOTE). It prepares individuals for careers teaching languages in a variety of contexts.

The Certificate:

  • qualifies students for entry-level language teaching positions in English and languages other than English in the USA and for some higher-level language teaching positions overseas. In combination with other advanced degrees, it may provide further academic and professional opportunities.
  • prepares students for teaching English to recent immigrant to the US, international business executives in the US and abroad, university students, and children in private schools in the US and elsewhere.
  • enables students to teach languages other than English in various contexts.
  • helps students who are very early in their career or those who are seeking a mid-career change to a field becoming more competitive as employers increasingly look for candidates with accredited qualifications.
  • assists students in later pursuing a further graduate education. For example, all credits are applicable to the completion of an MA in Linguistic Studies with a concentration in Language Teaching, a 30-credit degree program which qualifies students for higher-level language teaching positions and teacher training or managerial positions in the US and abroad.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Use empirical evidence to describe the richness and intricacy of particular languages and of the universal principles that underlie the acquisition and knowledge of all languages

2. Describe the historical development of language teaching methodologies as well as the current mainstream method

3. Employ phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic or pragmatic analyses in their preparation for language teaching

4. Construct and implement prepared lesson plans

5. Conduct secondary source research in an area related to language teaching

Program Requirements

12 credits of study are required for the CAS in Language Teaching: TESOL/TLOTE: three required courses and one elective course. Required courses provide essential grounding in the mechanics of language, a foundation in language teaching methodology, and a teaching practicum. Elective courses will enable specialization in an area of professional interest.

One elective specialization course (3 credits) in one of following areas:


  • EDU 655 Education Tests and Measurements
  • IDE 641 Techniques in Educational Evaluation
  • IDE 741 Concepts and Issues in Educational Evaluation

Culture and Society

  • ANT 672 Language, Culture, and Society
  • CFE 640 Inequality and Intergroup Relations in Education
  • CRS 630 Intercultural Communication
  • LIN 673 Language Variation and Change
  • LIN 674 Topics in Sociolinguistics
  • LIN 681 Global Communication Through World Englishes

Language Acquisition

  • CSD 622 Development of Speech and Language
  • LIN 671 Dimension of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism
  • LIN 692 Second Language Acquisition

Language Structure

  • CSD 616 Introduction to Applied Phonetics
  • LIN 601 Introductory Linguistic Analysis
  • LIN 605 Linguistic Structure of English
  • LIN 611 Semantics of Human Languages
  • LIN 612 Pragmatics: Meaning and Context
  • LIN 626 Structure of Standard Arabic
  • LIN 631 Phonological Analysis
  • LIN 641 Syntactic Analysis
  • LIN 651 Morphological Analysis
  • LIN 661 Introduction to Historical Linguistics
  • LIN 731 Advanced Phonology
  • LIN 741 Advanced Syntax
  • PHI 651 Logic and Language
  • PHI 565 Philosophy of Language
  • SPA 635 Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
  • SPA 636 Structure of Spanish
  • SPA 637 Intro to Spanish Linguistics

Learning Populations

  • CSD 636 Cultural and Linguistic Issues in Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • EDU 607 Principles of Learning in Inclusive Classrooms
  • CSD 616 Introduction to Applied Phonetics
  • ELL 615 Linguistics for Teachers of English Language Learners
  • ELL 645 Issues in Educating English Language Learners
  • HED 605 The American College and University
  • HED 712 Research on the College Student
  • IDE 652 Assistive Technologies for Integrating Students with Special Needs
  • IDE 771 Methods and Techniques for Teaching and Training Adults


  • ELL 625 Methods of Teaching Literacy to English Language Learners
  • ELL 635 Methods of Literacy Across the Curriculum for English Language Learners
  • RED 607 Issues in Multicultural Literacies
  • RED 613 - Teaching Comprehension 3 credit(s)
  • RED 626 Early Intervention for Children’s Reading Problems
  • RED 746 Perspectives on Literacy and Technology

Materials Design

  • IDE 611 Technologies for Instructional Settings
  • IDE 621 Principles of Instruction and Learning
  • IDE 631 Instructional Design and Development I
  • IDE 656 Computers as Critical Thinking Tools
  • IDE 736 Motivation in Learning and Instruction

Program Management

  • HED 621 Principles and Practices of Student Affairs Administration
  • IDE 761 Strategies in Educational Project Management

Substitutions may be made with the Coordinator of the Certificate Program

Program Duration

The CAS in Language Teaching: TESOL/TLOTE can be completed in three semesters:

One Elective Specialization Course

One elective specialization course in Assessment, Culture and Society, Language Acquisition, Language Structure, Learning Populations, Literacy, Materials Design, or Program Management will also be taken during the period of study.

Accelerated Schedule

When available, an accelerated schedule may enable completion of the CAS in Language Teaching: TESOL/TLOTE in six months:

One Elective Specialization Course

One elective specialization course in Assessment, Culture and Society, Language Acquisition, Language Structure, Learning Populations, Literacy, Materials Design, or Program Management will also be taken during the period of study.

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