2018-2019 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jul 13, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graphic Design, B.S.


Bruce Strong, Chair
Department of Visual Communications
318 Newhouse 3, 315-443-1010


Mike Davis, Seth Gitner, Ken Harper, Gregory Heisler, Soo Yeon Hong, Lawrence Mason Jr., Renée Stevens, Bruce Strong, David C. Sutherland, Sherri Taylor

The graphic design major emphasizes storytelling, design thinking, and a human-centered approach in interactive, motion, immersive, and print environments.  Students also learn industry-specific communications law and ethics, as well as develop relevant skills in writing, photography, presentation, and business.

Student Learning Outcomes in Graphic Design

In addition to the comprehensive Newhouse School learning outcomes listed in the School’s Educational Mission  students in the Graphic Design major are expected to achieve the following additional learning outcome:

1. Produce professional quality design work by synthesizing the best practices and current theories of traditional graphic design, motion and emerging media.

Major Requirements

Students majoring in graphic design must complete 38 credits within the Newhouse School of Public Communications. The major requirements follow.


*COM 346 - Race, Gender, and the Media  or COM 348 - Beauty and Diversity in Fashion Media  can be used to satisfy the diversity requirement instead of COM 344  and an approved course in the College of Arts and Sciences.

** Students may replace NEW 205 with BDJ /MAG 211 - Cross-Media News Writing  without petition.

Capstone Requirement (3 credits)

Global Experience

Additional Requirements

  • EEE 370   - Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises (Whitman School of Management)
  • PHI 293   - Ethics and the Media Professions (College of Arts and Sciences)

Newhouse Electives ( 3 credits)

Graphic Design majors are required to take one Newhouse elective.

Total: 38 Newhouse credits required.