2018-2019 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Mar 04, 2024  
2018-2019 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Broadcast and Digital Journalism, BS


Chris Tuohey, Chair
318 Newhouse 3, 315-443-4118


Hubert Brown, Barbara C. Fought, Dona Hayes, Keren Henderson, Suzanne Lysak, Simon Perez, Les Rose, Chris Tuohey, Randy Wenner

Students in the broadcast and digital journalism program learn writing, information gathering and reporting, formatting, editing, anchoring, and producing for both traditional and digital media platforms. Students also study critical issues (including ethical dilemmas) faced in today’s complex communications environment. “Hands-on” experience is emphasized in the broadcast and digital journalism curriculum.  Newscast production takes place in our state-of-the-art combined newsroom and HD studio.  The newsroom space includes 27 workstations equipped with ENPS© (a widely used news production system), Adobe Premiere Pro © for video editing and Ross XPression © for graphic creation. The studio portion features fully robotic cameras, a video wall, two large screen monitors, an anchor desk and interview area.  The adjacent control room is fully automated with Ross Overdrive © technology.  Student journalists are also able to report live from the scene of news stories using Dejero © portable equipment.  

Majors are encouraged to take advantage of University-sponsored internships at broadcast stations (both local and network) across the country.

Additionally, students have the opportunity to do extracurricular work at campus radio and television stations.

Student Learning Outcomes in Broadcast and Digital Journalism

In addition to the comprehensive Newhouse School learning outcomes listed in the School’s Educational MIssion  , students in the Broadcast and Digital Journalism major are expected to achieve the following additional learning outcome:

1. Effectively communicate ideas and information vocally, applying professional live reporting techniques.

Major Requirements

This is a 38-credit major. The sequence of courses that follows requires a minimum of four Main Campus semesters to complete. Students majoring in broadcast and digital journalism will take the following courses:


*COM 346 - Race, Gender, and the Media  or COM 348 - Beauty and Diversity in Fashion Media  can be used to satisfy the diversity requirement instead of COM 344  and an approved course in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Global Experience

Newhouse Electives ( 6 credits)

Broadcast and digital journalism majors choose six credits of Newhouse electives.  In consultation with their advisers, students should select as Newhouse electives courses that expand and enrich their knowledge of communications.

Total: 38 Newhouse credits required.