2017-2018 Graduate Course Catalog 
    Dec 03, 2023  
2017-2018 Graduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Studies Education: Preparation 7-12, MS

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Jeffery A. Mangram, 154 Huntington Hall, 315-443-9077, jamangra@syr.edu


The M.S. degree in Social Studies Education: Preparation 7-12 offers:

  • The opportunity for those holding a bachelor’s degree with the appropriate social science and other liberal arts prerequisites (see below), but no prior coursework in teaching, to prepare for New York State initial adolescence certification as social studies teachers (grades 7-12) while earning a master’s degree. (There are also testing, application and other requirements).
  • A program that exposes students to cutting-edge ideas in education courses taught by faculty specialists.
  • Preparation with special emphasis on actively engaging middle and high school students, working with struggling students, and serving diverse student populations.
  • 4 field placements allowing each candidate to learn from a variety of urban and suburban school settings, teachers, and youth with diverse backgrounds and abilities.
  • Opportunity for sharing professional development with a cohort of students in social studies education, and in other secondary programs, through several shared core courses.
  • Participation in the Academy of Social Studies Educators. Syracuse University faculty and staff, and students meet a few times a year to share professional and program development ideas.
  • A program that seeks to prepare students to become social studies educators who are committed to developing civic-minded individuals, and who are proficient in five areas important to 21st century classrooms:
    • Critical reflection and explanations of practice.
    • Content knowledge.
    • Inclusive and culturally relevant pedagogy.
    • Assessment of student learning and development of social studies literacy.
    • Professional conduct and collaboration. 

Student Learning Outcomes

1.Acquire knowledge of each student, and demonstrate knowledge of student development and learning to promote achievement for all students.

2.Know the content they are responsible for teaching, and plan instruction that ensures growth and achievement for all students.

3.Implement instruction that engages and challenges all students to meet or exceed the learning standards.

4.Work with all students to create a dynamic learning environment that supports achievement and growth.

5.Use multiple measures to assess and document student growth, evaluate instructional effectiveness, and modify instruction.

6.Demonstrate professional responsibility and engage relevant stakeholders to maximize student growth, development, and learning.

7.Set informed goals and strive for continuous professional growth.


Master’s Degree Course Requirements

The program requires 35 credits, is designed with full-time students in mind, and may be completed in 12 months, beginning in May. However, students who enter with education study equivalent to one of the courses below may have their syllabi reviewed for waiver of course(s).  In no case will fewer than 30 graduate credits be required.

(courses with * include field experience)

Fall - Candidacy Semester

Spring - Standard Student Teaching Semester

Intensive Examination

A master’s degree intensive examination is also required.

Liberal Arts Course Requirements

The requirements of this program include several undergraduate social science and distribution courses. It is not unusual that an applicant will have one or more of these courses left to take. These do not need to be completed before applying and may be taken at an institution other than Syracuse University. However, some of the courses need to be done before starting the graduate program, and all must be finished before a degree can be granted. We help students identify appropriate courses.

Interested students should contact Marie Sarno, Program Specialist, as early as possible (including before applying) to have unofficial transcripts reviewed against the liberal arts requirements. This allows more time to enroll in needed courses.

Social Science Content

  • A major in history or another social science area; OR by the end of the MS program, a minimum of 39 semester hour credits of social sciences, with at least 27 completed before beginning the master’s program (including 9 upper division credits).
  • The 39 credit hours must include:
    • 18 credits total of American and global history.
    • One social science geography course
    • One course in economics
    • One course in political science

Distribution courses (one each, with no grade less than a C)

  • Writing
  • Mathematics (appropriate level)
  • Natural Sciences
  • Artistic Expression
  • Humanities other than history or artistic expression
  • Language other than English including American Sign Language (completion of high school Level 3 or higher may be substituted.)

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