2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    Jan 17, 2019  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Recording and Allied Entertainment Industries, BS

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Lisa Steele
226 Smith Hall, 315-443-1388, llsteele@syr.edu


James Abbott, William DiCosimo, Ulf Oesterle


The Bandier Program for Music and the Entertainment Industries (Recording and Allied Entertainment Industries (RA) is a multidisciplinary program that leads to a Bachelor of Science degree, and includes an understanding of music, communications, business, and entrepreneurship. It provides a global view of music and its role in entertainment media. The program relies on coursework in the Setnor School of Muisc, the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, the Whitman School of Management, and the College of Arts and Sciences. A strong liberal arts component rounds out the program. Using industry-leading alumni and friends, plus the University’s vast resources, this unique program prepares students to compete in the fast-paced, ever-evolving entertainment industry.

The Bandier Program has been designed with input from some of the most respected executives in music and entertainment. These high-ranking leaders, many of whom are alumni, are committed to ongoing involvement as visiting lecturers in the Soyars Leadership Lecture Series.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate an understanding of multiple business structures, articulate the layout of the current media landscape, and deconstruct how current music industry contracts are structured

2. Demonstrate industry specific skills in the professional business environment of an internship, have the knowledge and skills to secure a job in the music industry, and understand the function and relationships between each of dozens of unique career paths

3. Articulate how to market a musical product in the current media landscape

4. Demonstrate the ability to develop business plan focused on a music-centric company and articulate opportunities in the areas of entrepreneurship in the arts

Program Requirements

Major Requirements (66 credits)


CRS 325               Presentational Speaking

MUI 205                 Music Industry I

MUI 206                 Music Industry II

MUI 305                 Music Industry and the Media

MUI 307                 Studio Recording

RAE 404                Social Media for the Music Business

RAE 408  /400       Experience Credit  (x3) 2 credits each

RAE 501                Reconciling Arts & Commerce

MUI 103                 Music Industry Forum

MUI 203                 Music Industry Forum   

MUI 303                 Music Industry Forum   

MUI 403                 Music Industry Forum   

MUI 310                 Soyars Leadership Series (every semester in SYR)

MHL 071  - 078       Music Convocation (every semester in SYR)

MUI/RAE Electives (8 credits)



COM 107                Communications and Society

TRF 235                  Principles & Practices: TRF

COM 506                Communications Law for TRF or

RAE 444   (LA)        Law for the Music and Entertainment Business  

NEWHOUSE/WHITMAN/VPA Elective      3 credits



ACC 201                   Intro to Accounting

EEE 370                   Intro to Entrepreneurship

MAR 301                  Principles of Marketing

WHITMAN Elective



WRT 105                   Writing Studio 1

WRT 205                   Writing Studio 2

ECN 203                    Economic Ideas and Issues

HOM 195                   Performance Live

History of Music Electives  (12 credits)

Humanities Electives (6 credits)

MAT requirement (MAT 121 or 183)

Natural Science / Math (230 or higher)

Social Science Electives (6 credits)

Foreign Language / A&S ELECTIVE (if waived) (6 credits)

A&S Electives (6 credits)



General Academic  Elective  (3 credits)  


Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to take real-life experiences in the form of internships (experience credit), and to pursue particular areas of interest within the industry with independent study courses. Juniors and seniors have the option of spending a semester in Los Angeles, California. They are also encouraged to study the rapidly evolving global business environment in London. An LA and/or London semester internship is one of several encouraged and coordinated by the program.

Total Credits Required: 124

Degree Awarded: BS in Recording and Allied Entertainment Industries

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