2015-2016 Undergraduate Course Catalog 
    May 30, 2024  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Course Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

2016-17 Undergraduate Course Updates



Undergraduate Course Changes effective for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

This list of course additions and deletions has been approved by the University Senate as of February 17, 2016.


New Undergraduate Courses effective for the 2016-2017 Academic Year

New Courses


GEO 422/622                                      Water: Environment, Society and Politics (3)                       [as of 2/17/16]                                               

Critical geographical analyses of inter-connected and cross-scalar role of water in environment, society, politics and economy globally. Investigates various water-society relationships, water governance, policies, crises, struggles, controversies, conflicts, and water justice, in theory and practice. Additional work required of graduate students.

GER 351                                                German Short Stories (3)                                                              [as of 2/17/16]

Analyzes a variety of German short stories of the 20th century by major German writers such as Wolfgang Borchert, Heinrich Böll, Bertolt Brecht, Thomas Mann, Anna Seghers and others. Prereq: GER 202

IRP 495                                                 Distinction in International Relations Seminar (3)               [as of 2/17/16]

Provides a platform for students preparing a distinction thesis in International Relations. Distinction students concentrating on any geographic region may enroll, but different sections of the course emphasize specific topic concentrations.


MAX 310                              Community Placement in Ethics, Justice and Citizenship (3)          [as of 2/17/16]

Introduces students to a variety of non-profit and governmental agencies through service-learning.
Coreq: MAX 301

REL 397                                                 Grappling with Existence (3)                                          [as of 2/17/16]                                                                                 
Seminar explores some of the most trenchant critiques of religion today and influential scholarly responses to these critiques.



BEN/CEN 473/673                            Biomanufacturing (3)                                                           [as of 2/17/16]                                                                 

The governing principles of conventional and advanced manufacturing techniques, which are adapted/modified to engineer living tissues/organs, biomedical products and test-platforms for investigating fundamental cell biology. Additional work required of graduate students. Prereq: BEN 364 or BEN 664

BEN 474/674                                       Medical Image Processing & Analysis (3)                         [as of 2/17/16] 

Introductory medical image processing and analysis. An open source software that has been developed for this purpose will be used. Additional work required of graduate students.

CIE 271                                                  Environmental Chemistry and Analysis (3)                     [as of 2/17/16]

An introduction to chemical principles in natural and engineered environmental systems. Thermodynamics and kinetics of reactions; acid-base chemistry; environmental organic chemistry; treatment process design applications. Prereq: CHE 116 or CHE 150   Coreq: MAT 296

ECS 207                                                 AEW for CEN Thermodynamics (1)                              [as of 2/17/16]

Designed to supplement the theory taught in CEN Thermodynamics. Problems will incorporate course work and are designed to reinforce the understanding of concepts through a series of repetitive exercises. Coreq: CEN 252

ECS 555                                 Virtual Design Studio for Green Building Systems (VDS-GBS) (3) [as of 2/17/16]

Integrative design methodology; Interactions between form, structure, and flows of energy & mass, and their impacts on building performance; Computer simulation tools for performance-based design. Exploration of green building design and technology through case studies

MAE 473                                              Introduction to Finite Element Analysis (3)                        [as of 2/17/16]

Introduction to formulation of mechanics and heat transfer problems by finite element analysis. Applications of the finite element method for the static and dynamic analysis of mechanical components and use of commercial software. Prereq: MAT 485 and ECS 325



CFS 474                 Promises and Problems in Youth & Emerging Adulthood (3)                         [as of 12/2/15]

Development of youth and emerging adults in family context emphasizing both positive outcomes and challenges. Roles of parents, peers, social structures, media influences, and institutions in youth/emerging adult development. Prereq: CFS 202 or PSY 335


NSD 516                                               Nutrition Counseling Experience (1)                                          [as of 12/2/15]

An applied interaction to develop nutrition counseling skills for working with a variety of individuals for health promotion, disease prevention in preparation for conducting medical nutrition therapy. Pre-Coreq: NSD 512

SPM 303                                               Price Theory in Sports (3)                                                         [as of 12/2/15]

Analysis of price theory, the role of consumers, and the firm in sports business decisions. Economic models and applications will be derived and utilized to analyze a host of micro-economic problems related to sport.

Prereq: SPM 213 and ECN 203

SPM 313                                               Sport Data Analysis II (3)                                                            [as of 12/2/15]

Advanced econometric techniques for time-series data is covered focusing on unit root testing, cointegration procedures, error correction models, forecasting, and Vector Auto Regression. Techniques will be applied to sport analytic data within different sports. Prereq: MAT 183 and SPM 213

SPM 323                                               Database and Programming for Sport Analytics (3)                      [as of 12/2/15]

An introduction to computer programing within sport analytics. An emphasis on learning to code, program, package, and use modules within sport. Database management, storage, and debugging techniques will be reviewed for sport industry data. Prereq: MAT 183 and SPM 213


SPM 365                                               Sport Economics (3)                                                                        [as of 12/2/15]

Analyzing and explaining sport issues through the lens of economic analysis. Theoretical models and applied applications will be discussed that relates to aspects of professional, collegiate, and amateur sports nationally and internationally.


SPM 384                                               Web Scraping with Python for Sport Analytics (3)                          [as of 12/2/15]


Advanced analysis of various web scraping techniques with the specific focus of learning how to scrape sports data from various sport websites. Significant time will be spent problem solving and cleaning data from complicated sources. Prereq: SPM 323


SPM 413                                               Analyzing Baseball Data with R (3)                                                 [as of 12/2/15]


An introduction to the statistical program R to analyze baseball data. Students will apply different techniques related to compiling and interpreting statistics through publicly available databases specifically used in baseball analytics and Sabermetrics. Prereq: SPM 323


SPM 437/637                                      Sport Venue Management (3)                                                            [as of 2/17/16]

Planning and managing different types of sport facilities. Understanding the complexity of conceptualizing, constructing, promoting, managing and maintaining modern sport stadiums, arenas, domes and multi-purpose facilities. Additional work required of graduate students.

SPM 446               Senior Seminar in Sport Revenue Management and Operations (3)                                 [as of 1/20/16]


An in-depth analysis and advanced study of sport revenue management and operations, with an emphasis on current topics impacting the sport industry. A culminating project will be completed in coordination with a sport organization.

SPM 449/649                                      Technologies in Game Day Operations (3)                                            [as of 2/17/16]

Current applications of technology as it relates to sport venues and sport organizations will be examined. Topics include: sound systems, ticketing systems, video and score board operations, and lighting systems. Additional work required of graduate students.

SPM 495                                               Sport Analytics Thesis Seminar I (3)                                         [as of 12/2/15]


First course in a two semester sequence for sport analytics students which will prepare the student for their thesis project. Within this course, students will be guided to research and choose their thesis topic. Prereq: SPM 365


SPM 496                                               Sport Analytics Thesis Seminar II (3)                                       [as of 12/2/15]


Second semester in a two semester course sequence for Sport Analytics majors who will complete an original research project within sport analytics. Prereq: SPM 495


SWK 403/603                                      Social Work and the Human-Animal Bond (3)                             [as of 12/2/15]


Introduction to theory and research on the roles of human-companion animal relationships in social work and biopsychosocial well-being. Additional work required for graduate students.




ARI 242                                                 Transformation in Jewelry & Metalwork (3)                               [as of 10/7/15]


The transformation of materials and objects into new objects that change the meaning of the original is the focus of this course. Prereq: ARI 241


ARI 293                                                 Introduction to Art & Society (3)                                                  [as of 10/7/15]


Relationship between art and society; process and socially based art making methods and issues.


ARI/AIC 294                                        Document as Art (3)                                                                           [as of 10/7/15]

Documentation as contemporary art making strategy; conceptual/contextual process, form, and issues.


ARI 373                                 Intermediate Print Media & Graphic Art: Digital Print Media (3)                       [as of 10/7/15]


Experiment with developing digital printmaking methodologies and their contemporary applications to fine-art modes of hand-printmaking. Course content will be addressed via hands-on research projects, discussions and a series of Visiting Artists.


ARI 384                                                 Functional Sculpture (3)                                                                     [as of 10/7/15]


Studio course to design and make highly original objects that interact in some way with human beings. To ensure that these objects have the utmost degree of visual and physical presence. Prereq: ARI 281


ARI/AIC 495                                        Archive as Art (3)                                                                                  [as of 10/7/15]


Archive as contemporary art making strategy; conceptual/contextual process, form, and issues.


ARL 140                                 Metalworking Workshop I (1)                                                                             [as of 10/7/15]


5-week technical workshops. Students learn basics of working with non-ferrous metal on a small scale. Each process will be demonstrated. Students produce samples demonstrating their ability to execute each process.


ARL 240                                 Metalworking Workshop II (1)                                                                             [as of 10/7/15]


5-week technical workshops. Students learn skills used for working non-ferrous metal on a small scale. Each process will be demonstrated. Students produce samples demonstrating their ability to execute each process. Prereq: ARL 140


ARI 132                                                 Drawing through the Figure (3)                                           [as of 1/20/16]


The objectives of this drawing course are to perceive and understand the human figure in terms of proportion, structure, motion, surface and volumes.


ARI 221                                                 Ceramics Hand-building (3)                                                [as of 1/20/16]


Introduces and familiarizes the student with basic methods of preparing and forming clay using pinch, coil and slab construction techniques. Includes basic methods of decorating, glazing and firing ceramic objects. Explores sculptural and functional art works.


ARI 225                                                 Ceramics Slip-casting and Mold-making (3)                         [as of 1/20/16]


Introduction to 3D forms using mold-making and slip-casting techniques, art and industrial design histories in ceramics that make use of the casting method, glazing and other surface treatments of the slip-cast object.


ARI 241                                                 Narrative Jewelry and Metalwork (3)                                    [as of 1/20/16]


This course investigates how personal or public stories, fiction or nonfiction, may be transmitted through objects that are constructed of metal.


ARI 242                                                 Transformation in Jewelry & Metalwork (3)                            [as of 1/20/16]


The transformation of materials and objects into new objects that change the meaning of the original is the focus of this course. Prereq: ARI 241


ARI 271                                                 Introduction to Print Media and Graphic Art (3)                       [as of 1/20/16]


Introduces students to the fundamentals and technical principles of a variety of printmaking methodologies. Students will explore traditional methods like lithography, relief, intaglio, and possibility for experimentation with more contemporary digital methods.


ARI 281                                                 Sculpture Methods I: Materials, Processes & Forms (3)          [as of 1/20/16]


Introduction to the basic techniques and concepts of the sculpture making process. The course will investigate the materials and methods that serve as the foundation for creating sculptural form including fabrication, carving, and casting techniques.


ARI 282                                                 Sculpture Methods II: Contemporary Sculpture (3)        [as of 1/20/16]


Introduction to contemporary sculpture. In this course students will explore the practical applications and intellectual processes, methods, and concepts that serve as the basis for creating contemporary sculpture.


ARI 291                                                 Concept/System/Action 1 (3)                                          [as of 1/20/16]


Make artwork that focuses on concepts, systems, and action at an introductory level. Learn about the history and context of this genre of artwork.


ARI 385                                                 Installation Seminar (3)                                                    [as of 1/20/16]


Explores the theory and practice of Installation based art works. In this course, students will learn the history of this contemporary art medium and explore its potential by creating installation art works.


ARI 391                                                 Concept/System/Action 2 (3)                                           [as of 1/20/16]


Make artwork that focuses on concepts, systems, and action at an advanced level. Learn more about the history and context of this genre of artwork. Prereq: ARI 291


ARI 493                                                 Advanced Art & Society (3)                                              [as of 1/20/16]


Relationship between art and society; criticism, theory, and process- and socially-based art making methods and issues. Independent project. Prereq: ARI 293


ARI 566                                                 Painting: Experimental Media: Assemblage/Collage (3)  [as of 1/20/16]


Students will create artworks using non-traditional materials exploring assemblage with found materials and objects.


ARI 575                                                 Lake Effect Editions: Fine Art Print Publishing (3)           [as of 1/20/16]


Work directly with Visiting Artists to create new works on paper. Participants will also get experience with the presentation and sale of works on paper published by Lake Effect Editions.


ARI/AIC 394                                        Collaborative Art (3)                                                            [as of 1/20/16]


Students will create collaborative and conceptual art projects. The class will also investigate the cultural and theoretical background of collaborative, conceptual and performance art.


ARI/AIC 395                                        Research as Art (3)                                                             [as of 1/20/16]


Research as contemporary art making strategy; conceptual/contextual process, form, and issues.


ARI/DES 182                                       Toy Design & Character Development (3)                          [as of 1/20/16]


Character development and toy design. 3-D studio course. Toys used as subject matter to develop aptitude with: spatial thinking, concept development, physical prototyping, use of basic mechanics, and woodworking tools and techniques.


AIC 221                                                 Special Topics in Arts in Context (3)                                  [as of 2/17/16]


Workshops connecting themes and issues in art, theories and practices.


AIC 321/621                                        Art, Activism, Modernity (3)                                                    [as of 2/17/16]


History, theory, and practice of visual artists in publicly-engaged, community-based, and socially-active projects. Additional work required of graduate students.


AIC 423/623                                        Artists Who Write (3)                                                                [as of 2/17/16]


Analysis, history of manifestos, theoretical writings produced by visual artists in the 20th century. Students write their own manifestos, press releases, artist statements and other forms of art communication. Additional work required of graduate students.


ARI 320                                                 Advanced Ceramics (3)                                                           [as of 2/17/16]


Investigation of ceramic processes related to creating 3D objects and installations, emphasis on developing sustained and personal level of inquiry, advanced forming and surface processes, firing techniques.
Prereq: ARI 221 and ARI 223 and ARI 225


ARI 330                                                 Advanced Drawing (3)                                                             [as of 2/17/16]


Work from observation of volume and space and extend that into drawing invented forms and space. How light creates form, space and atmosphere, how light can create illusionistic worlds and things in that world. 

Prereq: ARI 131 or ARI 132


ARI 332                                                 Drawing Off Paper (3)                                                              [as of 2/17/16]

Contemporary approaches to drawing. Introduce and encourage students to seek and consider ways of marking time, form, space, and image utilizing traditional and non-traditional materials and non-paper surfaces and spaces.


ARI 371                 Introduction to Print Media & Graphic Art: Planographic Processes (3)                   [as of 2/17/16]


Focus in planographic (smooth matrix) printmaking methodologies. Planographic Processes: Lithography, Monoprint and Monotype. Printmaking history and its contemporary uses will be addressed in discussions, research assignments and a series of Visiting Artists.


ARI 372                                 Intermediate Print Media & Graphic Art: Relief & Etching (3)                    [as of 2/17/16]


Experiment with developing technical understanding of a variety of relief and intaglio printmaking techniques and their contemporary applications. Course content is addressed via hands-on research projects, discussions and a series of Visiting Artists.


ARI 374                                 Intermediate Print Media & Graphic Art: Screenprinting (3)                    [as of 2/17/16]


Introduction to the fundamentals and advanced techniques of screenprinting. Students will create limited-edition screenprints using hand-drawn and digital methods. Prereq: Any ARL course


ARL 191                                 Introduction to Photoshop for Artists (1)                                                  [as of 2/17/16]


Learn introductory techniques in Adobe Photoshop as appropriate for artists. Explore and become comfortable with the Photoshop environment.


ARL 271                                 Print Media & Graphic Art: Papermaking Workshop (1)                          [as of 2/17/16]


Hands-on workshop introduces the basics in techniques of papermaking including: eastern fibers, eastern sheet formation, western fibers, western sheet formation, using the Hollander beater, and the history of papermaking.


ARL 272                                 Print Media & Graphic Art: Letterpress (1)                                               [as of 2/17/16]


Hands-on workshop introduces the basics of letterpress printing. Students learn how to hand set metal and wood type and print on Vandercook press. Students create and print photopolymer plates.


ARL 273                                 Print Media & Graphic Art: Monotype/Monoprint (1)                                [as of 2/17/16]


Hands-on workshop introduces the student to the basics in techniques of monotype and monoprint; including: reductive and additive monotype methodologies and monoprint printing and editioning.


ARL 274                                 Print Media & Graphic Art: Gig Poster Screenprinting (1)                       [as of 2/17/16]


Experience the design and production of posters that graphically advertise upcoming events such as (music) performances and/or exhibitions. Course content addresses, via hands-on research projects, discussions and a series of Visiting Artists.


ARL 275                                 Print Media & Graphic Art: Etching (1)                                                     [as of 2/17/16]


Hands-on workshop introduces students to basics in techniques of etching including: hard ground line etching, aquatint, scraping and burnishing, soft ground, drypoint, printing and editioning. Includes a history of etching and its contemporary uses.


ARL 276                                 Print Media & Graphic Art: Relief-Steamroller                                          [as of 2/17/16]


Hands-on workshop introduces the student to the basics in techniques of black and white woodcut printmaking. Students will create a pop-up printshop and print large-scale blocks with a steamroller at a public art event.


ILL 355                                                   Illustration Concepts: Editorial Track I (3)                                 [as of 2/17/16]


Designed for students in fields related to Freelance Illustration for Publishing (either in print or digitally). Assignments in distinctive drawing and digital skills in a stylized approach often commenting on social and/or political issues. Prereq: ILL 254


ILL 356                                                   Illustration Concepts: Sequential Track I (3)                             [as of 2/17/16]


Students interested in improving skills for Graphic Novels, Children’s Books, Comics or Storyboarding. Assignments: series of images to convey a narrative with strong drawing skills to communicate essential elements of storytelling in a descriptive manner. Prereq: ILL 254


ILL 358                                                   Illustration Concepts: Graphics Track I (3)                                [as of 2/17/16]


Students will employ a graphic approach to illustration using the fundamentals of visual communication to create projects targeted to licensing, stationary and packaging for graphics studios, etc. Prereq: ILL 254


ILL 455/655                                          Illustration Concepts: Editorial Track II (3)                                   [as of 2/17/16]


For senior/graduate students continuing to advance their study in editorial illustration related to Freelance Illustration, Publishing, (either in print or digitally) or Websites. Assignments in drawing and digital skills commenting on social and/or political issues. Additional work required of graduate students. Prereq: ILL 355


ILL 456/656                                          Illustration Concepts: Sequential Track II (3)                                 [as of 2/17/16]


Advanced skills for Graphic Novels, Children’s Books, Comics or Storyboarding. Prereq: ILL 356




BUA 474                                               Consurtio Projects in Business (1-3)                                            [as of 1/20/16]


Experiential learning opportunity that will apply knowledge and skills acquired in the classroom to external business projects, working directly with an external client. Students must apply and be accepted before registering.  Prereq: MAR 255 and FIN 256 and SCM 265


EEE 476/676                                        Advanced Topics in Family Business Management (3)               [as of 1/20/16]


Covers advanced topics in family business management, such as taxation, establishment of trusts and estates, legal transfer of ownership, legal forms and valuation. Additional work required of graduate students.  Prereq:  EEE 370


FIN 452/652                                        Working Capital Management (3)                                                    [as of 1/20/16]


Introduction to corporate financial decision-making related to daily operations, including balanced scorecard use, financial forecasting, management of current assets and liabilities, international issues, and use of information technology. Case studies are emphasized.  Additional work required of graduate students. 

Prereq: FIN 256 or FIN 301




BPS 325                                                Creative and Design Thinking for Professional Studies (3)              [as of 1/20/16]


Exploration of accelerating changes in technology and organizational ecosystems over next decade as it influences professional career strategies. Students challenged to “think in new boxes” as they apply global, business and personal foresight.


BPS 335                                Conflict in Business and Management for Professional Studies (3)                    [as of 1/20/16]


Overview of key theoretical concepts and skills for managers and future managers. Students will explore various approaches for managing internal and external conflict to include mediation and negotiation. Focus on organizational dynamics.


CRL 311                                                 Professional Issues in Creative Leadership (3)                                  [as of 1/20/16]


Emphasizes leadership in the 21st century that requires creative skills to seek opportunity, anticipate the unexpected, redefinition of excellence, innovative practices, and skills to build and share momentum in multi-generational teams.