Program Information

Women's and Gender Studies

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Gwendolyn Pough, Chair
208 Bowne Hall

The minor in women's and gender studies requires 21 credits of coursework (at least 15 in courses numbered 300 or above).  In keeping with the guidelines for the major, the concentration requires students to take the five core courses listed below and two electives, one core elective, and one general elective chosen from an approved list of cross-listed courses.

WGS 101 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies
WGS 201 Transnational Feminist Studies
WGS 301 Feminist Theory
WGS 310 Feminist Inquiries
WGS 410 Advanced Studies in Feminist Thought

Core Elective Listing (same as Major)

  • WGS 300 Selected Topics
  • WGS 354 Gender, Militarism, and War
  • WGS 365 Negotiating Difference: Coming of Age Narratives
  • WGS 395 Gender and Popular Culture
  • WGS 400 Selected Topics
  • WGS 410 Advanced Seminar in Feminisms
  • WGS 436 Feminist Rhetoric(s)
  • WGS 438 TransGenders and Sexualities
  • WGS 439 Women, Gender and Violence in Transnational Context
  • WGS 447 Sexualities and Genders in World Teen Culture
  • WGS 452 Feminism and Postcolonial Studies
  • WGS 473 Women, Rap, and Hip-Hop Feminism
  • WGS 498 Senior Project in Women’s and Gender Studies
  • WGS 500 Selected Topics