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The Textiles minor serves as an excellent complement to almost any major. Students have the opportunity to enhance their hand skills as well as develop a sophisticated understanding of textile surface and structural processes in a variety of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional design contexts. Within the subdivisions of Prints & Surfaces, and Woven & Non-Woven Structures, the courses have been established with the goal of providing a unique student experience that adds breadth and depth to problem solving and visual articulation through active tactile engagement.

Curricular requirements 18 credits, including the following:

 Three required courses (9 credits):
TXT 211: Patterns of Repeat (3cr.)
TXT 221: Handweaving (3cr.)
TXT 327/627: Textiles in Context (3cr.)

 Up to two from the following (3-6 credits):
TXT 313: Dyework Design (3cr.)
TXT 315: Digital Fabric Printing (3cr.)
TXT 322: Dyeing to Weave (3cr.)
TXT 323: Experimental Textiles and Materials (3cr.)
TXT 325: Interlocking Fibers and Materials (3cr.)

 …AND At least one of the following (6-3 credits):
TXT 312/612: Interior Furnishings (3cr.)
TXT 314/614: Textile Handprinting (3cr.)
TXT 316/616: Computer Aided Pattern Design (3cr.)
TXT 324/624: Textiles Synthesis (3cr.)
TXT 326/626: Environmental Textiles (3cr.)