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Chair: Christine Himes, 302 Maxwell Hall, 315-443-2346
Undergraduate Director Marjorie DeVault, 302 Maxwell Hall, 315-443-4030

Faculty Steven R. Brechin, Marjorie L. DeVault, Dawn Dow, Cecilia A. Green, Madonna Harrington Meyer, Christine L. Himes, Prema Kurien, Andrew S. London, Amy Lutz, Yingyi Ma, Jackie Orr, Arthur Paris, Gretchen Purser, Merril Silverstein, Janet Wilmoth

To complete a minor in Sociology, students are required to take 18 credits in Sociology, including:  Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101), and Introduction to Research (SOC 318) or Qualitative Methods in Sociology (SOC 319/WGS 317).  The 18 credits include an additional four courses, three of which must be numbered above 299 (one of the additional courses may be taken at the 200 level).