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Social Welfare

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Students pursuing minors in other areas of study may choose a social welfare minor. The minor program requires the completion of 18 credits. To declare a minor, students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 and submit a Declaration of Minor form to the social welfare minor program or the director of the baccalaureate social work program, their faculty advisors, and the dean’s office of their home colleges. A limit of 3 transfer credits may be applied with permission.

Required core courses (3 or 6 credits; 3 credits each)
SWK 115 Introduction to Social Welfare or
SWK 201 Social Work Practice and Skills Laboratory I
(If both SWK 115 and 201 are taken, SWK 115 must precede SWK 201.)

Elective courses (12-15 credits; 3 credits each)
SWK 314 Social Welfare Policy and Services I
SWK 315 Social Welfare Policy and Services II
SWK 326 Persons in Social Context
SWK 328 Human Diversity in Social Contexts
SWK 357 Processes of Aging
SWK 361 Foundations of Social Work Research
SWK 400 Selected Topics