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Robert Wysocki,
Department of Art ar Comart Facility

Minor in Sculpture

The minor will consist of 18 credits and function as a theoretical and practical based studio minor, intended to complement the studio-based majors in the College of Visual and Performing Arts and the School of Architecture. Additionally, the Sculpture minor will provide non-studio majors a concentration in the theory and concepts of studio object making in a studio based research setting. The minor is open to all Syracuse University undergraduates. 


3.0 GPA (based on the completion of 30 credits, 15 of which must have been taken at Syracuse University)
Must be enrolled in program no later than the first semester of junior year.
Limited to 6-8 students a year initially
Applications accepted at any time, but will adhere to October 15 deadline for processing and approval in the Fall semester (March 1st for Spring semester)

Proposed Oversight
The first coordinator will be Robert Wysocki of the Department of Art, Sculpture. The coordinator will have a maximum tenure in the position for three years.


The Minor in Sculpture requires 18 credits of coursework. There are three required courses, 3 credits each: SCU 293 Sculpture Theory & Practice I or SCU 393 Sculpture Theory & Practice II; SCU 295 Introductory Sculpture or SCU 296 Introductory Sculpture; and SCU 395 Intermediate Sculpture. Furthermore, to ensure a breadth of materials, processes and techniques germane to sculpture, students will be required to take three 3-credit courses from each of the following categories for a total of 9 credits: SCU 300 Metal Dynamics, SCU 300 Foundry/Metal Casting, SCU 391 Wood & Mixed Media, SCU 392 Plastics Technique, SCU 300 Selected Topics Studio, SCU 495 Advanced Sculpture.

Sculpture Minor Course Offerings

Minor Requirements
Students are required to take each of the following:
3 credits SCU 295 Introductory Sculpture or SCU 296 Introductory Sculpture
3 credits SCU 395 Intermediate Sculpture

Students are required to take one of the following:
3 credits SCU 293 Theory and Practice 1 or SCU 393 Theory and Practice 2

Students are required to take at least three (3) from the following courses:
9 credits SCU 300 Metal Dynamics
SCU 300 Foundry/Metal Casting
SCU 391Wood & Mixed Media
SCU 392 Plastics Technique
SCU 300 Selected Topics Studio
SCU 495 Advanced Sculpture

(Prerequisites may be waived for minors.)