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Religion and the Media

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Gustav Niebuhr
313 Tolley Humanities Building

Interdisciplinary in its offerings, the minor incorporates more than 25 courses within 10 departments and programs. The minor is open to any SU student, but it is designed specifically to guide students in journalism and related fields towards an essential understanding of religious traditions and major issues involving religion that they are likely to encounter in their careers.

The Religion and Media minor is built on the premise that religion is a vital part of life in the U.S. and many other nations. Debates about society and politics-about which the news media is expected to inform the public-often cannot be fully understood without reference to the religious ideas, organizations and movements.

The minor requires 18 credits of course work, at least 12 of which must be taken in courses numbered at the 300-level or above. And two required courses REL 242: Religious Issues in American Life and REL 343: Religions and the News Media.

The minor's courses are divided into two clusters. They include the listed courses, but is not restricted to them, allowing for the inclusion of other courses developed later. The minor requires students to take a course only from within the World Religions cluster; the other cluster contains electives and is intended to encourage intellectual exploration of the study of religion.

World Religions

  • AAS/REL 281 African Religions
  • AAS/REL 345 African American Religious History
  • ANT 273/REL 244 Indigenous Religions
  • JSP/REL 135 Judaism
  • REL 114 The Bible
  • REL 142 Native American Religion
  • REL 156 Christianity
  • REL 165 Islam
  • REL 185 Hinduism
  • REL 186 Buddhism

Issues in Religion

  • HST 318 Islamic Civilization to 1500
  • HST 320 Traditional China
  • HST 325 Africa to 1800
  • HST 332 African American History through the 19th century
  • HST 328 Ancient and Medieval India
  • JSP 231 Judaic Literature
  • JSP/REL 334 Modern Judaic Thought
  • JSP 335 Israeli Literature and Culture
  • JSP/REL 392 History of the Holocaust
  • PSC/MES 345 Islam and Politics in Asia
  • PSC 377 Religion and Politics
  • PHI 325 Existentialism
  • REL 103 Religion and Sports
  • REL 107 Religion, Literature and Film
  • REL/SAS 283 India's Religious Worlds
  • REL/WSP/SAS 384 Goddesses, Women and Power in Hinduism
  • REL 396 Mysticism
  • WGS/REL/SAS 465 Gender in Islam