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The Minor in Public Health is available to all University students with a Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above and provides students with opportunities to develop broad competencies in areas of study commonly identified with public health. The minor is designed in part for students wishing to gain knowledge and skills for employment in a number of fields that intersect with public health or in preparation for graduate study in public health. The minor requires completion of 18 credits, including 12 credits above the 300 level. To be admitted into the minor, a student must submit a Declaration of Minor form to his or her faculty advisor, the Public Health Minor coordinator, and the Dean’s office in his or her home college.

For more information, or to obtain a form to declare the Minor in Public Health, contact the minor coordinator, Dr. Maureen Thompson (426 Ostrom Avenue, Rm.316,

Please note: students who pursue a minor in public health may not pursue a minor in health and wellness or a minor in addiction studies.  Public health majors may not pursue a public health minor.

Course Requirements for the Minor in Public Health

Required Courses:
HTW 221: Health Promotion Across the Lifespan
HTW 303: Community and Environmental Health
HTW 306: Public Health Administrative Systems
HTW 309: Health Disparities and Vulnerable Populations

Students choose 2 additional courses from the following:
HTW 305: Community Mental Health Promotion
HTW 307: Culturally Competent Health Care
HTW 311: Health Literacy
HTW 401: Epidemiology
HTW 415: Public Health Ethics
HTW 403: Community Based Health Policy & Research
NSD 342: Nutrition in the Life Span
NSD 455: Community Nutrition