Program Information

Public Communications Studies

Restrict Results

Coordinator:  Karen McGee, Assistant Dean
315 Newhouse 3, 315-443-1908 

Curriculum Requirements

Students must complete 18 credits of which 12 credits must be 300-level or above.

Two required courses

COM 107 Communications and Society
COM 505 Communications Law for Journalists
COM 506 Communications Law for Television, Radio, Film

Four additional courses from any of the following categories:

A. Gateway to the Disciplines
ADV 206   Advertising Practice in a Diverse Society
PRL 206   Public Relations Principles and Concepts
MAG 205   An Introduction: Editorial, Ethics, and the Business of Magazines
TRF 235   Principles and Practices: Television, Radio and Film Industries

B. Critical Issues
ADV 345    Economics, Persuasion, and the Global Marketplace
COM 346   Race, Gender, and the Media
COM 347   Federal Government and the Media
GRA 345    Visual Issues in the Media
NEW 345   Critical Perspective on News
PRL 345    The Ethics of Advocacy
TRF 345    Critical Perspectives: Electronic Media, Film

C. History of Public Communications
COM 515   History of the Media in the United States in the Modern Age

D. Public Communications, Politics, and Society
TRF 436    Social Effects of Television

E. Global Public Communications
COM 527   International Communications (SU Abroad, London)
PRL 400    Introduction to Public Relations Abroad (SU Abroad, London)
TRF 560    Topics in International Perspectives

F. Creators of Public Communications
TRF 530    Popular Culture Studies

G. Open choice (no more than one course)
One other Newhouse course for which the student has the prerequisites

To declare a minor, students must file a declaration form indicating specific courses selected. The form must be approved by Assistant Dean Karen McGee (315 Newhouse 3) and by the student’s home college.