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Physical Education (Coaching)

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Dr. Sandra Bargainnier: , 315-443-9776; 820 ComstockAve/
201 Women’s Bldg.

The coaching minor is designed for students who wish to coach in secondary schools (grades 7-12). Coursework extends beyond the 8 credits required for the New York State Temporary Coaching License. Prerequisite: 2.5 grade point average.

Required Courses:

PPE 325: The Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education (3 credits) 
PPE 326: Theory and Techniques of Coaching (2 credits)
PPE 327: Health Sciences Applied to Coaching and Physical Activity (3 credits)

Select 10 additional credits from any of the following: 

PPE 486:  Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (3 credits)
NSD 225: Nutrition in Health (3 credits)
HEA 335: First Aid  (1 credit)
HEA 336: CPR (1 credit) 
PPE 385: Motor Behavior across the Lifespan   (3 credits)
PPE 435: Introduction to Sport Psychology (3 credits)
PPE 483: Scientific Principles of Conditioning (3 credits)

Total Credits:  18

Note:  For a New York State Temporary Coaching License a current and valid Red Cross Responding to Emergencies [or its equivalent] card is required at the time of application. The Child Health and Life Safety Seminar will be offered at no cost through the School of Education to those students seeking the New York State Temporary Coaching License. This on-line seminar includes the child abuse prevention workshop and violence abuse prevention workshop. (Contact Fran Cooney in 111 Waverly, Suite 230, 315-443-9319).

Fingerprinting is also required for appointment to coaching positions.