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Physical Computing

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Annina Ruest, Assistant Professor, 
Heath Hanlin, Department Chair/Associate Professor, 


Students interested in this minor should meet with the faculty contact. Prospective students must submit a current transcript, a letter of interest not to exceed 1500 words, and any work in the form of digital media files that may be related to the minor. There are no absolute requirements in terms of number of works or GPA – acceptance into the minor will be made solely by the faculty contact for the minor upon review of application materials. Students need to maintain a 3.0 GPA average in the minor curriculum; otherwise they may be disenrolled from the minor.

Curriculum Requirements:

It is recommended that students take 9-12 credits at the 300 level or above.

Core requirements ( 6 credits)
CAR 111 Introduction to programming for visual and networked art
CAR 211 Intro to electronics and electronic object making for art

Advanced Core Requirements -  choose two ( 6 credits)
CAR 520 Electronic Environments Workshop
CSE 471 Embedded Systems
CIS 543 Control of Robots
CIS 425 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CAR 230 Topics in Computer Gaming I
CAR 330 Topics in Computer Gaming II

Object Fabrication/Object Design electives – choose any 1 of the following (3 credits)
SCU 392 Plastics Techniques Research
SCU 391 Wood and Mixed-Media Research
SCU 200 Selected Topics
SCU 300 Selected Topics
DES 300/500 Fabrication Skills and Methods
DES 300/500 Digital Fabrication
SCU 207 Sculpture Survey
IND 479 Industrial Design Interface

Technology electives - choose any 1 of the following (3 credits)
ARC 572 Advanced Computer Applications in Architecture
IST 359 Introduction to Database Management Systems
CIS 400 Selected Topics: Class Topic: Mobile App Development.
IST 488 Social Web Technologies
IST 263 Web Design and Mgmt
IST 256 Appl.Prog.For Information Syst
IST 553 Info Arch for Internet Svces
ECS 102 Introduction to Computing
CIS 467 Intro/Artfcl. Intellgence
CIS 468 Natural Language Processing
CIS 400 Selected Topics: Class Topic: Applied Data Mining
CIS 400 Selected Topics: Class Topic: Human-Computer Interaction

Total Credits: 18