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Contact Tanya M. Horacek, 315-443-2386.

Students pursuing programs in other areas of study may choose a minor in nutrition. The minor program requires the completion of 18 credits. To be admitted to the program, students must submit a petition to the Director of the Nutrition Science and Dietetics program and to the recorder in the College.

NSD 115 Food Science I 3
NSD 225 Nutrition in Health 3

Choice of 12 credits:
NSD 325 Nutrition in Hospitality Industry 3
NSD 326 Practice of Dietetics 3
NSD 342 Nutrition in the Life Span 3
NSD 343 Dietary Supplements 3
NSD 425 Nutrition for Fitness and Sports 3
NSD 447 Weight Management, Obesity, and Disordered Eating 3
NSD 455 Community Nutrition 3
NSD 511 Nutrition Education 3
NSD 555 Food, Culture and Environment 3

If prerequisites are taken:
NSD 456 Nutritional Biochemistry 4
NSD 466 Advanced Nutrition 3