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Native American Studies

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Native American Studies
Philip P. Arnold
501 Hall of Languages
315 443-3861

Faculty Douglas V. Armstrong, Philip P. Arnold, Christopher R. DeCorse, Stephanie A. Fetta, Gregg Lambert, Richard R. Loder, Maureen Trudelle Schwarz, Sascha Scott

The Minor in Native American Studies provides an understanding of the religious, historical, political and aesthetic dimensions of the Native Nations of the Americas. In consultation with the advisor students plan the programming according to their individual needs and interests.

The minor is open to the full university community. It requires completion of six courses (18 credits) from two different departments. Twelve of the 18 credits must be in courses numbered above 299. Examples of available courses leading to a minor in Native American Studies could include (but are in no way limited to) the following:

  • NAT 105 Introduction to Native American Studies
  • REL/NAT 142 Native American Religion
  • SOC 248 Ethnic Inequalities and Intergroup Relations
  • ETS 230 Ethnic Literary Traditions-Native American Literature 
  • ANT 273 & NAT/REL244 Indigenous Religions
  • NAT 300/EFB 305 Indigenous Issues and the Environment
  • NAT 301 Iroquois Verb Morphology 1
  • NAT 305 Iroquois Phonetics and Phonology
  • NAT 302 Iroquois Verb Morphology 2
  • NAT 306 Iroquois Syntax and Semantics
  • NAT 308 Iroquois Linguistics In Practice
  • ETS 310/NAT 400 Literary Periods: Contemporary American Indian Fiction
  • ETS 315/NAT 400 Ethnic Literatures and Cultures: American Indian Political Literature 820-1930
  • NAT 346 / HOA 387 Native North American Art
  • HST 302 Early American History: From Invasion to Empire 1607-1697
  • HST 330 Iroquois History: Peoples of the Long House
  • ANT/NAT 323 Peoples and Cultures of Native North America
  • REL/NAT 347 Religion and the Conquest of America
  • REL/NAT 348 Religion and American Consumerism
  • SOC/NAT 441 Federal Indian Policy and Native American Identity
  • SOC/NAT 444 Contemporary Native American Movements
  • ANT/NAT 445 Public Policy Archaeology
  • ANT/NAT 447 Archaeology of the Americas
  • ANT/NAT 456 Representations of Indigenous Peoples in Popular Culture
  • ANT/NAT 459 Contemporary Experience in Native North America
  • ANT/NAT 461 Museums and Native Americans
  • EFB  496 Plants and Culture:

Other selected topics courses may apply when content is relevant and permission is secured from the director of Native American Studies.