Program Information

Music History and Cultures

Restrict Results

Theo Cateforis, Chair
308 Bowne Hall

Amanda Winkler, Director of Undergraduate Studies
308 Bowne Hall

Faculty Carol Babiracki, Danielle Brown, Theo Cateforis, Rodney Foster, Sydney Hutchinson, Bette Kahler, Stephen Meyer, Amanda Winkler

The minor in music history and cultures requires 18 credits of coursework drawn from the list of departmental offerings below. Of these 18 credits, 6 may be earned in courses from the lower-division, music history sequence (200 level) while the remaining 12 must be earned in upper-level (300 level and above). Moreover, students may petition to have up to 6 credits of selected topics courses in music history (HOM 300 or HOM 400) count toward the minor. In addition, students may petition to have up to 6 credits of music history courses taken outside the department count toward the minor.

HOM 165/166, and HOM 195 do not count toward the minor.

(*Denotes courses taught in London through SU Abroad.)