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Middle Eastern Studies

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Middle Eastern Studies Minor

Mehrzad Boroujerdi

This interdisciplinary minor examines the history, culture, languages, religions, and politics of the Middle East. Faculty research and teaching focus on ancient source texts, the art, literature, history, and culture of the Middle  East;  conflict resolution; gender issues; and contemporary political issues. Students may study these and other aspects of the Middle East.


The minor requires 20 credits in Middle Eastern Studies, at least 12 in courses numbered 300 or above. Students take an 11 credit core consisting of:

  1. an introductory course (either MES/PSC 344or MES/HST 318)
  2. two consecutive courses in one regional language (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish) between levels 101 and 202

Nine additional credits are required in upper division courses from at least two different departments including but not limited to those listed below. Students may take any of the approved courses or petition to substitute other courses with substantial Middle East content.

Approved Courses: