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Linguistic Studies

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Jaklin Kornfilt
340 HB Crouse

Faculty Tej K. Bhatia, Amanda Brown, Richard W. Buttny, Michael Caie, Kevan Edwards, Mary Louise Edwards, Gerald R. Greenberg, Diane Grimes, Rania Habib, Jaklin Kornfilt, Elizabeth D. Liddy, Amy Lutz, Thomas McKay, Linda Milosky, Omer Preminger, William C. Ritchie, Amardo Rodriguez, Robert A. Rubinstein, Maria Emma Ticio Quesada, Robert Van Gulick, Susan S. Wadley, Bei Yu

To complete a minor in linguistic studies, students take 18 credits, 12 of which are in courses numbered above 299. Students also choose four courses from those listed below, in addition to taking both of the following courses:

LIN 301/601 Introductory Linguistic Analysis
LIN 441/641 Syntactic Analysis

Psycholinguistics/Sociolinguistics/History and Structure of Language

ANT 372 Issues in Intercultural Conflict and Communication
CFS 365 Language Development in Children and Families
LIN 251 English Words
LIN 431/631 Phonological Analysis
LIN 451 Morphological Analysis
LIN 461/661 Introduction to Diachronic Linguistics
LIN 471/671 Dimensions of Bilingualism
COG 301 Introduction to Cognitive Science
LIN/ANT 472/672 Language, Culture, and Society
LIN 491/691 Universal Grammar and Second Language Acquisition
LIN/ANT/SOC 571 Topics in Sociolinguistics
LIN 591 Second-Language Acquisition
CRS 430/630 Intercultural Speech Communication

Languages of the World

LIN/ANT 202 Languages of the World
LIN/ANT 472/672 Language, Culture and Society
CRS 430/630 Intercultural Speech Communication

Philosophy of Language

CIS 468 /IST 664 Natural-Language Processing
CIS 473 Logic and Computability Theory
PHI 251 Logic
PHI 551 Symbolic Logic
PHI 565 Philosophy of Language
PHI 651 Logic and Language

The English Language
LIN 421 Methodology of Teaching English as a Second Language