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Cynthia Gordon,, Department Chair, CRS
100 Sims Hall V, 315-443-0792

Leadership/Stewardship Communication Minor

Leadership skills are inherently tied to one’s ability to communicate effectively in a variety of situations, including formal presentations, meetings, the media, and informal conversations. Competent use of one’s skills is predicated on a sophisticated understanding of culture, context, process, audience, and principles of rhetoric. The minor in Leadership/Stewardship Communication is designed to enhance the student’s understanding of the relationship between communication and leadership and to develop appropriate skills for enhancing leadership. The minor complements many of the University’s professional and liberal arts programs, especially those that prepare students for leadership roles in specific professions (law, politics, management, media, community services, and so on).

Admission Requirements
• 3.0 GPA (based on completion of 30 credits)
• Must enter program no later than first semester of junior year
• Complete petition and submit to department chair for approval
• Petitions accepted at any time, but normally reviewed and approved after October 15 (fall semester) and March 1 (spring semester) deadlines for applications.

Curricular Requirements
Students must complete the following six courses for a total of 18 credits:
CRS 225 Public Advocacy, or
CRS 325 Presentational Speaking
CRS 333 Small Group Communication
CRS 335 Leadership/Stewardship Communication
and any three of the following:
CRS 334 Introduction to Argumentation
CRS 355 Political Communication
CRS 426 Persuasion
CRS 430 Intercultural Communication
CRS 466 Ethics in Human Communication
CRS 568 Rhetoric of Social Change
PSC 336 Political Leadership
PAF 420 Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Skills
PAF 422 Negotiation: Theory and Practice
PAF 423 Leadership: Theory and Practice