Program Information

Jewish Education

Restrict Results

Coordinator: Corinne Roth Smith, Professor

157 Huntington Hall, 315-443-9321,

The primary purpose of this minor is to better prepare SU undergraduates to teach in Jewish congregational schools, camps, community centers, youth organizations.


  • GPA 2.8 or above
  • 1-2 page statement on why the individual would like to declare a minor in Jewish Education
  • The JSP Director and Jewish Education Minor Coordinator will review each candidate’s courses completed and professional disposition standards before recommending a student for a community internship. Those not approved will be asked to un-declare the minor. 

Curriculum Requirements:

Core Courses: (6 credits)

JSP/REL 114 (3 cr.) The Bible


JSP/REL 215 (3 cr.) The Hebrew Bible

JSP/REL 135 (3 cr.) Introduction to Judaism

Additional Judaic Studies Content (9 credits)

  • Must be 300 level and above
  • Must include courses cross-listed with JSP, including those offered abroad.  Other courses with Judaic Studies content can be approved by the JSP director. 
  • One course in history, sociology or political science is strongly recommended. 

Pedagogy Courses (7-9 credits):

  • EDU 303 (3 cr.) Teaching and Learning for Inclusive Schooling (includes field experience)


  •  EDU 204 (4 cr.) Principles of Learning in Inclusive Classrooms (includes field experience)

Students in Teacher Preparation Programs will overlap this course with their education major.

  • EDU 355 (3 cr.).  Fundamentals of Teaching for Non-Majors (course to be regularized).  Students in Teacher Preparation Programs may substitute a methods course from their teacher preparation area for this course. 
  • EDU 470 Experience Credit (Practicum in Jewish Education (1-2 cr.)) (non-teacher preparation majors complete two credits/semesters, and enroll concurrently with EDU 355; Teacher Preparation majors complete one credit/semester and enroll in their field specific methods course prior to or concurrent with EDU 470): 
  • The practicum semester(s) will include sessions during which congregational/agency educators convey supplementary information on Jewish traditions, modes of thought, and teaching strategies.

Total Credits:  22-24

Additional Hebrew requirement:  Students must complete HEB 101 (4 cr.), or achieve placement test results placing them into HEB 102 or higher.  (Students are not required to take HEB 102, however).  This requirement must be completed before the internship semester.  

Note:  Students in the Inclusive Elementary and Special Education program can best fit the Judaic Studies courses into their curriculum if they are Human Thought and Expression concentrators.