Program Information

Jazz Studies

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Coordinator: Joseph Riposo, Instructor of Music

202C Shaffer Arts Building, 315-443-2516


  • Meet with School of Music advisor prior to beginning the program.
  • 3.0 GPA in at least one jazz performing ensemble.
  • Positive recommendation from the Director of Jazz Studies.

Curriculum Requirements:

A total of 18 credits minimum of course work within the jazz curriculum, 11 of which are from the core requirements. The remaining 7 credits are selected through advisement.

Core Requirements:

4 Ensemble credits (ENI 520, ENV 520, ENC 540, or ENC 560)

4 Jazz Improvisation credits (MTC 555, MTC 556, MTC 557, or MTC 558)

3 Jazz History credits (MHL 466, MHL 500, or MHL 566)

7 Elective credits from the preliminary list of courses below:



-MTC 125:Introduction to MusicTheory*

-MTC225: Sightsinging for Non-Music Majors*

-MTC 145, 146, 147, 148, 245, 246, 247, 248: Music Major level theory classes*

-MTC100/200/300/400:Jazz Piano

-MTC 100/200/300/400: Jazz Double Bass

-MTC 100/200/300/400: Jazz Saxophone

-MTC 555: Jazz Improvisation I

-MTC 556: Jazz Improvisation II

-MTC 557: Jazz Improvisation III

-MTC 558: Jazz Improvisation IV

-MTC 551: Songwriting

-MTC 552: Studio Arranging

-MTC 554: Jazz Composing and Arranging


•Music History and Literature:

-MHL 466: History of Jazz

-MHL 500: Jazz topics vary from semester to semester

-MHL 566: Jazz topics vary from semester to semester

-Any HOM Jazz History class (different offerings each semester)


•Music Industry

-MUI 205: Music Industry I**

-MUI 206: Music Industry II**


• Ensembles

-ENI 520: Jazz Ensemble

-ENI 520: Jazz Combo

-ENC 540: Super Sax Ensemble

-ENV 520: Vocal Jazz Ensemble

-ENC 560: Brazilian Ensemble



-MUE 415: Jazz EnsembleTechniques


Total Credits:  18


Students within the School of Music and outside of the School of Music are eligible for this minor.

Music Education Majors may use the required Jazz Elective as part of this minor.

*These classes will only apply to students outside of the School of Music.

**These classes will not count toward the Minor in Jazz Studies if a student is enrolled in the Bachelor of Music Industry or Bandier program.