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History of Architecture

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Theodore Philip Cateforis, Chair
308 Bowne Hall

Matilde Mateo, Advisor
Department of Art and Music Histories
Suite 308 Bowne Hall

Faculty Jean-François Bédard, Susan Henderson, Jonathan Massey, Matilde M. Mateo

The Minor in Architectural History requires 18 credits of coursework. These courses must be upper-level (300 level and above) in architectural history, drawn from the list below. Students may petition to have up to 6 credits of selected topics courses in architectural history (ARC or HOA) count toward the minor.

Pre-Requisite: HOA105/106 or ARC133/134 (their credits do not count toward the minor)

Courses in History of Architecture that count toward the minor:

ARC 335/HOA 322, Early Renaissance Architecture in Italy
ARC 332/HOA 323, Sixteenth Century Italian Architecture
ARC 334 The Architecture of Revolutions: European Architecture from the Scientific to the Industrial Revolution
ARC 336/HOA 324: Italian Seventeenth Century Architecture
ARC 337/HOA 374: American Architecture, Settlement to 1860
ARC 338/HOA 375: American Architecture, 1860-World War I
ARC 431/HOA 479: Modern Architecture
ARC 432/HOA 419: The City in Architectural History
ARC 433/HOA 439: French Architecture, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries
ARC 435/HOA 389: Islamic Architecture
ARC 436/HOA 475: Modern Architecture: The International Style to the Present
HOA 412: The Gothic Spell
HOA 410: Art and Ideology in Medieval Spain