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Contact: J. Scott Strickland
Director of Undergraduate Studies
145 Eggers Hall
315-443-5875 or 9926

Understanding history—the record of what people have thought, said, and done—is essential in understanding the world of today. Students explore not only events of the past, but also how they were shaped by such factors as religion, economics, and geography and how these factors influence our own lives. The curriculum, which leads to a B.A. in history, also provides rigorous training in research, analysis, and writing.


To complete a minor in history, students take 18 credits of history, including: 6 credits in lower-division and 6 credits in upper-division courses (300 or higher), all in a single general area of history (American, European, or Global). Minors must also take one additional subject area upper-division course and HST 401.