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Global Security Studies

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Terrie Northrup, Minor Coordinator
225 Eggers Hall

The minor in Global Security Studies (GSS) is an interdisciplinary program designed to help students explore the global, international, national, and human dimensions of security, conflict, and conflict resolution in contemporary international relations using the analytic tools provided in different social science disciplines. The minor is administered by the International Relations Program and is open to all Syracuse University undergraduate students in good academic standing. International relations majors whose topic concentration is international security and diplomacy (ISD) are not eligible to take the Global Security Studies minor. In addition, for students majoring in International Relations who wish to undertake the Global Security Studies minor, a maximum of three (3) lower division (below 300 level) credits may be shared between the major and the minor, and a maximum of six (6) upper-division (300 level or higher) credits may be shared between the major and the minor.

Minor Requirements:  The Global Security minor consists of six (6) courses, eighteen (18) credits.  These include two required introductory-level courses, either PSC 124 International Relations or HST 122 Global History 1750-Present to contextualize state security issues, and ANT 185 Global Encounters or GEO 171 Human Geographies to highlight human and environmental security issues.  The minor then requires 12 credits in courses numbered 300 or above, which must include one 400-level course.  To maintain a balanced focus on the different dimensions of security, these upper division courses must include two (2) courses from List A, which focus on traditional issues of state security and two (2) courses from List B, which focus on human and environmental securities. You may check the lists of approved A & B courses offered each semester at

List A:

ANT 358  Peace, War and Security
ANT 473 Peace and Conflict in the Balkans
GEO 372 Political Geography
HST 315  Europe in the Age of Hitler/Stalin
HST 316  Europe Since 1945
HST 326 Africa Since 1800
HST 337  America in the World: US Foreign Relations 1898-Present
HST 362 Nazi Germany & the Holocaust
HST 369  World at War
IRP 401  Global Policy Seminar
IRP 402  Global Policy Practicum
IRP 403  Global Issues
IRP 412  Global Governance: The United Nations System
PSC 343  Mexico and the United States
PSC 348  Politics & the Military
PSC 350  US Foreign Policy in the Middle East
PSC 356  Political Conflict
PSC 357 US Foreign Policy
PSC/PHI 363 Ethics & International Relations
PSC/AAS 364  African International Relations
PSC/MES 367  Oil, Water, War
PSC/MES 368  Islam & the West
PSC 376  Revolution & Political Violence
PAF 351 Global Social Problems
PAF 424 Conflict Resolution in Groups
PAF 475 National Security Forces in Public Policy
PAF 476 National Security Forces in Contemporary American Society

List B:

ANT 358  Peace, War, Security
ANT 372  Issues in Intercultural Conflict & Communications
ANT 424  Negotiation: Theory & Practice
ANT 463 Global Health
ANT 477 Culture & Conflict
ECN 437 Environmental and Resource Economics
GEO 340 Geography of Oil (regularization under review by Curriculum Committee)
GEO 353 Geographies of Environmental Justice
GEO 372 Political Geography
GEO 374 Environment & Development in the Global South
GEO 415 Food: A Critical Geography
GEO 440 Race and Space
PSC 387 Ethnic Conflict
PSC 397 Realism and Power Politics
SOC 335 Political Sociology
SOC/WGS 354/PSC 386 Gender, Militarism, and War
SOC 362 Religion, Identity, and Power

Other advanced undergraduate courses (300-level or higher) in the social sciences that are not listed in the course catalog may be accepted toward completion of the minor upon approval by the International Relations Program. These courses will be listed on the Global Security Studies minor webpage at