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Minor in Global Enterprise Technology

Contact David Dischiave, Program Director, 225 Hinds Hall, 315-443-2911,; Sarah Weber, Program Manager, 114 Hinds Hall, 315-443-5801—it

The 18-credit interdisciplinary minor in Global Enterprise Technology will prepare students from any undergraduate major to understand how one develops and manages global enterprise information systems, such as those used by the banking, insurance, medical, and retail industries. The minor is flexible enough so that students from finance and technology majors can add to their current knowledge, and students from non-technical backgrounds, including the humanities, can develop foundational knowledge to pursue careers in industries with large-scale systems. Since these systems are central to most global companies, gaining an understanding of how enterprise systems are developed is useful to students entering the workforce across many careers - including finance, business strategy and technology focused careers.


Applicants must have a grade point average of at least 3.0. Depending on available spaces, students with GPA’s below 3.0 may be considered, however, there may be times when GPA requirements will be higher than 3.0 due to space restrictions.

Students considering the minor may delay enrolling until the third year of study, but are encouraged to meet with an Information Studies advisor during the first or second year.

The 18-credit minor program in Global Enterprise Technology can be taken with any SU major, with the approval of the student’s home college.

Required Courses – 6 credits:

GET 439   Enterprise Technologies
GET 234   Effective Collaboration in a Globally Distributed Enterprise
GET 365   Business Value of IT

Group A Electives - At least 6 credits from the following:

GET 302   Global Financial Systems Architecture
GET 434   Global Computing Challenges
IST 445     Managing Information System Projects

Group B Electives - At least 6 additional credits from Group A and Group B:

CIS 453/454   Technical Specification and Implementation
GET 235          Leveraging Emerging Technologies
GET 471/472  Internship (3 credits maxium can be used toward minor)
GET 481          IT-Enabled Innovation and Change Within a Global Enterprise
IST 233            Intro to Computer Networking
IST 432            Enterprise Systems
IST 359            Intro Database Mgmt Systems
IST 444            Information Reporting and Presentation
IST 359/469    Intro to Database Mgmt Systems/Advanced Database Admin Concepts
GET 375          Managing of IT Contracting