Program Information

Exercise Science (Dance)

Restrict Results

Contact: 314-443-2115, 820 Comstock Ave/201 Women's Building

Requirements for Admission and Restrictions

The minor in dance is available to matriculated, undergraduate students from all Syracuse University schools and colleges, provided that they have the permission of their home school or college, and have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8. Some background knowledge and experience in dance is seen as beneficial for prospective dance minor applicants, but not required.

Due to course sequencing and enrollment limitations, students must have a minimum of four semesters available to complete the minor requirements. Any student wishing to apply for the Dance Minor after the Spring semester of her/his sophomore year, must have one or more courses completed, or in progress.

The Program

DTS 239           Beginning Ballet*   (1 credit)

Required Courses
DTS 241           Beginning Ballet II(1 credit)
DTS 242           Intermediate Ballet I or II  (1 credit)
DTS 244           Beginning Modern(1 credit)
DTS 246/247    Intermediate Modern I or II (1 credit)
DTS 368           Dance History  (3 credits)
DTS 423           Choreography  (3 credits)
PPE 395           Structural Kinesiology (3 credits)

Choice of Two Courses
DTS 233           African Dance (1 credit)
DTS 228           Ballroom Dance (1 credit)
DTS 235           Beginning Jazz (1 credit)
DTS 236           Beginning Jazz II (1 credit)
DTS 234           Beginning Tap (1 credit)
DTS elective course (1 credit)

Choice of Two Courses
PPE 486           Prevention & Care Athletic Injury      (3 credits)
NSD 425          Nutrition for Fitness and Sports**  (3 credits)
NSD 447         Weight Management, Obesity, and Disordered Eating***  (3 credits)

Total Credits  18

*May be waived if you exhibit advanced technique. You may then choose, with proper     
    advisement, additional course work to ensure a total of 18 credits.
**NSD 225 Nutrition in Health is a prerequisite for both NSD425 and NSD447

To declare a Minor in Dance:

  1. Check with your home school or college office, to make sure you have room in your program for the required number of dance courses. Also reconfirm that you have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8.
  2. Pick up a minor declaration form in Women’s Building, Room 201.
  3. Bring the minor declaration form to WB201 before the deadline. If you are approved, you will be notified by email, and asked to retrieve the form.
  4. Take the signed form to your home school or college office. They will approve the declaration, and give you instructions about how to get the minor officially posted to your SU record.