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Exercise Science

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Contact: Melissa Tobin, 209 Ernie Davis Hall, 315-443-9800; .

Students pursuing major degrees in other program areas may enroll in a minor in exercise science. The exercise science minor requires 18 credits.  Students must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA. To be admitted into the exercise science minor, students must submit a petition to their respective advisor, the chair of the exercise science program, and to the assistant dean for academic and student services in the School of Education.

BIO 216 & BIO 217 (Human Anatomy and Physiology) are prerequisites for many of the courses in this minor.

Core Courses: 

Section I: The following courses are required (6 credits):

  • PPE 295 Introduction to Exercise Science (3 credits)
  • PPE 497 Physiology of Exercise (3 credits)

Section II:Three of the following courses are required (9 credits):

  • PPE 408 Analysis of Human Motion (3 credits)
  • PPE 483/683 Scientific Principles of Conditioning (3 credits)
  • PPE 514 Exercise and Aging (3 credits)
  • PPE 515 Graded Exercise Testing and Interpretation (3 credits)
  • PPE 517 Pathophysiology (3 credits)
  • PPE 518 Cardiac Rehabilitation (3 credits)

Or Any 3 credit 500-level or higher course such as:

  •  Exercise in the Cell (3 credits)
  •  Obesity and Body Composition (3 credits)
  •  Metabolic Aspects of Exercise (3 credits)
  •  Control of Ventilation in Exercise (3 credits)

Section III:  One of the following courses is required* (3 credits):

  • PPE 385 Motor Behavior Across the Lifespan (3 credits)
  • PPE 486 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries (3 credits)
  • HEA 485 Worksite Health Promotion (3 credits)

*Or any of the courses listed in Section II not already taken.

Total Credits: 18

Time to Completion Requirement:
The undergraduate minor in exercise science must be completed within five years of declaration if the student is enrolled in an undergraduate degree granting program.