Restrict Results

Minor Coordinator Engineering -  Frederick Carranti, 247 Link Hall, 315-443-4346,
Minor Coordinator Management - Dawn Kline, 215 Whitman School of Management, 315-443-4356,
This minor is designed to provide LCS students with a relevant non-technical minor. It is open to all SU students with approval of their home college. The requirements are

ECS 391 Legal aspects of LCS
ECS 392 Ethical Aspects of LCS

Two upper-level management courses selected from the following:
EEE 370 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
EEE 382 Entrepreneurial Marketing
EEE 451 Finance for Emerging Enterprises
FIN 301 Finance for Non-Business Students
LPP 458 Environmental Law and Public Policy
SHR 355 Introduction to Human Resource Management

Two courses selected from the following:
ACC 201 Introduction to Accounting for Non-Management Students
ECN 203 Economic Ideas and Issues
MAR 301 Marketing for Non-Management Students
SHR 247 Strategy and Leadership