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Energy Systems

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Minor Coordinator - Dr. Ezzat Khalifa, 462G Link Hall, 315-443-1286,

This minor will provide students enrolled in any of the engineering programs within the LC Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science with a grouping of courses/electives that will provide academic depth in the field of energy related systems in four different but related tracks.  These four tracks are: (1) Thermo-Mechanical Energy Systems; (2) Nuclear Energy; (3) Renewable Energy and (4) Electric Power. 

Admission to the energy systems minor is by permission of an academic advisor and requires students to be enrolled in a BS program in Engineering within the LC Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science.  Students with sufficient technical background from other Syracuse University Academic Units may be considered for admission to the Minor in Energy Systems and such decisions will be made by the LC Smith Energy Systems Committee.

The following courses must be taken by all students within the minor regardless of the specific track. 

ECN 203,  Economic Ideas and Issues
MAE 251 or CEN 252, Theromodynamics
MAE/CIE 548  Engineering Economics and Technology Valuation
MAE/CIE 551, Energy Conversion                   

In addition, 3 track-specific courses must be taken from a list of required and elective courses for each of the 4 individual tracks.  These 4 track specific lists are available from an academic advisor.                 

  1. Thermo-Mechanical Energy Systems Track

             Select any 2 of MAE 553, MAE 554, MAE 585, MAE 457, plus 1 Elective from any of the  4               Energy Systems Tracks:

  • Elective MAE 553 HVAC Systems Design and Analysis
  • Elective MAE 554 Principles of Refrigeration
  • Elective MAE 585 Principles of Turbomachinary
  • Elective MAE 457: Automotive Engineering
  • Others to be announced

 2.       Nuclear Energy Track

           Required: NUC 301,  Introduction to Nuclear Engineering and Reactor Safety

          Select either NUC 510 or NUC 520, plus 1 of the remaining NUC Electives, or 1
          Elective from any other Energy Systems Track:

  • Elective NUC 510.  Nuclear Power Plant Design, Operation and Safety
  • Elective NUC 520.  Radiochemistry, Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing and Nonproliferation
  • Elective NUC/ELE 530.  Electric Power Generation and Distribution
  • Elective NUC 540.   Experiential Studies
  • Others to be announced

  3.      Renewable Energy Track

         Select any 2 of MAE 587, MAE 588, PHY 305, CEN 551, plus 1 Elective from any of the 4
         Energy Systems Tracks:          

  • Elective MAE 587 Design of Solar Enery Systems
  • Elective MAE 588 Principles of Wind Turbines
  • Elective PHY 305 Solar Energy and Architectures
  • Elective CEN 551 Biochemical Engineering (Professor Ren will cover some biofuels)
  • Others to be announced (examples may include; relevant ESF courses, CIE may offer a class in Environmental Aspects of Energy Production)

 4.      Electric Power Track

         Select any 3 electives from the following list:

  •   Elective ELE 324  Electromagnetics I
  •   Elective ELE 416  Electromechanical Devices
  •   Elective ELE 514  Electric Power Systems
  •   Elective NUC/ELE 530 Electric Power Generation and Distribution
  •   Others to be announced