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Electrical Engineering

Restrict Results

Minor Coordinator - Prasanta K. Ghosh, 4-131 Center for Science and Technology, 351-443-4440,

Academic Requirements
The minor in electrical engineering (EE) (20 credits) is available to any Syracuse University student who has the appropriate prerequisites such as calculus and calculus-based physics. Students must complete 8 credits of required sophomore courses shown below and 12 credits of junior- or senior-level elective courses offered by the electrical engineering program. Students may choose the elective courses to give them a breadth of coverage or complete a track* in a specific concentration area as described in the catalog.

ELE 231 EE Fundamentals I  (3)
ELE 291 EE Lab I (1)
ELE 232 EE Fundamentals II (3)
ELE 292 EE Lab II (1)
ELE EE Junior or senior courses (12)
Total 20

*Tracks are intended to provide a cohesive set of technical electives for EE students. A track consists of a sequence of two senior-level elective courses and their appropriate prerequisites. The current examples of tracks in EE are all 12 credits. More information can be found in the EE curriculum description.