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Data Science

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Certificate of Advanced Study In Data Science

Contact Erin Bartolo, Data Science Program Manager, 114D Hinds Hall, 315-443-3777,;

The CASDS program requires 15 credit hours covering specific focus areas of digital curation, data science education, and information analytics. It comprises 2 Core Courses (6 credits) in databases and data science. The remaining credits (9) are elective credits to be selected from such areas as communication and collaboration, digital curation, digital libraries, information assurance,project management, mashups, research, scripting, statistics, technologies, and visualization.

All candidates should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. In addition, it is recommended that potential students have a strong background in science, statistics, research, and /or information technology. Applicants should have an interest in interdisciplinary work focused on managing big data using information technologies as tools. Prospective students who have an interest in data science, but lack the recommended undergraduate background, are encouraged to inquire. Individual consultations are available for such prospective students to explore their potential candidacy.

Required Courses

IST 659   Data Administration Concepts and Database Management
IST 687   Applied Data Science

Elective Courses

IST 558   Technologies for Web Content Management
IST 565   Data Mining
IST 645   Managing Information Systems Projects
IST 657   Basics of Information Retrieval Systems
IST 664   Natural Language Processing
IST 676   Foundations of Digital Data
IST 677   Creating and Managing Digital Assets
IST 681   Metadata
IST 718   Advanced Data Analytics
IST 719   Information Visualization
IST  722  Data Warehouse*
IST 769   Advanced Database Management
IST 776   Research Methods in Information Science and Technology
IST 777   Statistical Methods in Information Science and Technology


* Additional Course Descriptions:

IST  722 Data Warehouse:  Introduction to concepts of business intelligence (BI) and the practice/techniques in building a BI solution.  Focuses are on how to use data warehouses as a BI solution to make better organizational decisions.