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Computer Gaming

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Department of Transmedia, 315-443-1033

The VPA minor in computer gaming creates a focus for students interested in the practical, social, and theoretical aspects of computer/video games. The core requirements of this minor introduce the primary methods and concepts that are key to the production of computer/video games. The elective courses direct students to investigate a range of studies that are critically related to gaming, allowing for both broader and/or specific research.

Admission requirements

Students interested in this minor should meet with the faculty contact. Prospective students must submit a current transcript, a letter of interest not to exceed 1,500 words, and any work in the form of digital media files on CD or DVD that may be related to the minor. There are no absolute requirements in terms of number of works or GPA. Acceptance into the minor will be made solely by the faculty contact for the minor upon review of application materials. Students need to maintain a 3.0 GPA average in the minor curriculum; otherwise they may be expelled from the minor. Limited to 10 students.

Curricular Requirements

To complete the minor in computer gaming, students must complete a total of 21 credits.

Required Courses (12 credits)
CAR 121 Intro to 3D Computer Animation
CAR 233 2D Computer Gaming
CAR 221 Intermediate 3D Computer Animation
CAR 340 Computer Gaming

Elective Courses (choose 3 for a total of 9 credits):
IND 378 Symbology and Semiotics or
CAR 530 History and Theory for Computer Gaming or
FIL 225 Problems of Film Perception

IND 276 Visualization and Representation or
IND 375 Human Factors for Designers

CPS 196 Introduction to Programming: C or
CAR 132 Procedural Composition

PHY 101 Major Concepts of Physics I or
MAT 194 Pre-calculus

ETS 153 Interpretation of Fiction or
CRS 339 Communication, Space, and Design or
FIL 228 Film Scriptwriting

FND 114 Special Topics in Foundation Drawing: Drawing Through the Figure